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If your mechanic has a wide experience in major makes and models, doing car repairs and services of all different types, then they can accurately estimate how long a job will take.

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Asfordby Valley Mobile Mechanic

here are plenty of Asfordby valley mobile mechanic available, throughout the world. The reason

that many of these operators exist is that they can work out of a home garage, doing car services

and repairs with a fraction of the overheads that companies that have a shop have. It can be a

little hard to believe that something so convenient is actually worthwhile – and yes, there have

been cases where people have been burned by sub-standard operators. So, today we’re looking at

how to tell the good mobile mechanics from the bad. Here are the top 5 real, concrete signs that

your mobile mechanic is an industry expert and car professional.

1. Willing to provide a written quote up-front

In fact, this is actually a trait of all good mechanics. If your mechanic has a wide experience in

major makes and models, doing car repairs and services of all different types, then they can

accurately estimate how long a job will take. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing

exactly what your liabilities will be at the end of the job, and is a prerequisite of all good mobile


2. Good communication skills

By this, we don’t mean that your mechanic tells you his life story in a poetic and dramatic

manner … we mean that he is able to clearly communicate the problem to you, and support his

diagnosis with visual examples where it’s possible. For example, “Look at how gunky the spark

plugs are –the reason it wouldn’t start is because there was no spark to ignite the fuel”. Your

mobile mechanic should communicate to you things like:

3. They offer a warranty

Professional, expert mobile mechanics will always offer a warranty. The best will give an equal

warranty on all parts and labour, of up to 12 months or 20,000 kilometres. If you choose a

nationwide brand, then your warranty can be honoured no matter what your location if there is

ever a problem. Additionally, you know you’ve found a good mobile mechanic when they trust

your opinion when you ring for a warranty claim, and remain completely solution-focused (no

blame storming!).

Many mobile mechanics can also repair and service new cars without affecting the dealer’s

statutory warranty.

4. No travel time charges

Mobile mechanics already save on overheads by not having a workshop – but they necessarily

incur travel costs with that business model. A reliable, reputable company won’t charge you for

the travel time to get to your vehicle –they’ll include it as part of their business expenses.

5. They offer regular servicing as well as repairs

If your mobile mechanic is there for you in the happy times when all your car needs is a look-

over to keep her going, as well as in the stressful breakdown times, you know you’ve found one

worth keeping.

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