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XXI CEO Summit Hungary

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How Smarter technologies are helping Europe progress. XXI CEO Summit Hungary. Harry van Dorenmalen, Chairman, IBM Europe. How Smarter technologies are helping Europe progress. XXI CEO Summit Hungary. Harry van Dorenmalen, Chairman, IBM Europe. Are you ready?!.

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we live in an instrumented interconnected intelligent world
We live in an instrumented, interconnected, intelligent world

1 billion + transistors

500,000,000 GB

for each person on the planet

global internet traffic volume expected by 2013

30 billion RFID tags

15 petabytes

embedded into our world and into our products

of new information being generated every day

2 billion people

1 trillion

are on the internet

devices attached to “Internet of things”

tackling problems that are relevant
Tackling problems that are relevant

…in all aspects of the economy

Health Care

Public Transport


Law Enforcement




Traffic Control

Fraud Prevention

trends 1 leading the evolution of the thinking machine
Trends 1: Leading the evolution of the thinking machine

The New IT Frontier





Deep Blue



(Circa 1945)

Computer Intelligence

Over Time

Counting Machine

(Circa 1820)

Napier’s Rods

(Circa 1600)



(87 BC)



3500 BC)

Cognitive computing aims to create computer systems that can deal with ambiguity and learn over time

trends 2 intelligence from data is changing the game
Trends 2: Intelligence, from data, is changing the game

… organizations are operating with blind spots

Lack of Insight

1 in 3 managers frequently make critical decisions without the information they need

VOLUME of Digital Data

Inefficient Access

1 in 2 don’t have access to the information acrosstheir organization needed to do their jobs

VARIETY of Information

Inability to Predict

3 in 4 business leaders say more predictiveinformation would drive better decisions

VELOCITY of Decision Making

Source: IBM Institute for Business Value

trends 3 cities are getting smarter
Trends 3: Cities are getting smarter

By 2050, city dwellers are expected to make up 70% of Earth’s total population or 6.4 billion people!

Government Services

Public Safety









standouts capitalize on complexity in three ways
Standouts capitalize on complexity in three ways
  • Creativity is #1 leadership quality
  • Drive change in the organization to stay ahead of market and use a wide range of communication styles and tools
  • Break with status quo of industry, enterprise and revenue models
  • “Getting closer to customers” is the single most important theme
  • Better understand customer needs through collaboration and info sharing
  • Exploit the information explosion to deliver unprecedented customer service
  • Simplify operations and products to better manage complexity
  • Use iterative strategies, make quick decisions and execute with speed
  • Integrate globally, increase cost variability and exploit partnering to increase agility
are you ready1
Are you ready?!
  • If nothing changes, nothing changes: What did you do different?
  • Do you –personally- have the global network and reach to make change happen?
  • Did your skillset changed / improved in the past year?
  • Are you working on solutions for which we did not define the problem yet?
  • Did you notice that the talent in your organization is changing?

What’s going on in the world

Where technology is heading

How to make it work for you




what problems are we trying to solve
What problems are we trying to solve?

3.7 billion

25 billion

$93 billion

Total sales missed each year because retailers don’t stock the right products to meet customer demand.

Lost hours and 2.3b gallons of gas is the annual impact of congested roadways in the U.S. alone.

Global trading systems are under extreme stress, handling billions of market data messages each day.

170 billion

Kilowatt hours wasted yearly by consumers due to insufficient power usage information.

100 million

People worldwide are pushed below the poverty line by personal healthcare expenditures.

a smarter europe a brief selection
A Smarter Europe – a brief selection

Smart healthcare – BG Trauma Hospital, Hamburg

Smart oil field technologies – Statoil, Norway

Smart food systems – Matiq, Norway

Smart retail – Metro, Germany

Smart traffic systems – London, Amsterdam

Smart travel - Finnair

Smart weather - Rotterdam

Smart regions – Venice

Smart cities - Berlin

Smart water management, Malta

watson towards thinking technology
Watson – towards ‘thinking’ technology

Are you ready?!

  • Answers questions in natural language
  • Made possible by:
    • Advances in natural language computing
    • Enormous computational power
    • World’s info digitized
  • Begins new era in making sense of massive amounts of data through advanced analytics