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Good Morning. 10/27 Agenda. Writing Prompt. What is the most significant problem in American’s society today?. Writing Prompt Roman Project Presentation Did Rome fall, or was it pushed?. Hamburger Wars!.

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Good Morning

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good morning
Good Morning


Writing Prompt

What is the most significant problem in American’s society today?

  • Writing Prompt
  • Roman Project Presentation
  • Did Rome fall, or was it pushed?
hamburger wars
Hamburger Wars!
  • Scenario: You are the owner of a small, independent hamburger restaurant. You are tired of being compared to McDonald’s and want to destroy the company (insert evil laugh here). Assuming you have significant financial resources and few scruples, how can you do it? Be diabolical!!!!
  • Please begin by answering in your journal
fall of mcdonald s
Fall of McDonald’s
  • Infect food with zombie virus, or H1N1, make with human
  • Burn stores multiple times, bomb all at once
  • Assassinate RM,president/ceo
  • Infiltrate company
  • Sue for stolen recipe
  • Take over control through friendship with ceo
  • Use media to exploit
  • Break machinery
  • Publically burn McD customers
  • Create a distraction
  • Use undercover agents
  • Marketing
the fall of the roman empire
The Fall of the Roman Empire

Background: Pax Romana lasted from AD 27 (Augustus) to AD 180 (Marcus Aurelias)

Peace, prosperity, strong military defeated invaders, public works and building projects

Roman Empire stretched from Great Britain into Africa

roman empire ad 180
Roman Empire AD 180


**Inflation – a rise in prices, money worth less

pirates disrupted sea trade

few new sources of gold and silver

government raised taxes

**Food Shortages

overworked land produced less food

war destroyed farmland

problems continued
Problems Continued…

** Large size – the sheer size of the empire made communication and control difficult

** Mercenaries – foreign soldiers who fought for money, not out of loyalty.

** Economic Disparity – rich getting richer, poor getting poorer.

**Political disinterest – citizens lost faith in the empire


** Lead poisoning/malaria – some studies suggest that many Roman leaders suffered from lead poisoning caused by drinking wine cooked in lead lined pots. Lead poisoning can lead to aggressive behavior and irritability – not good qualities in a leader.

Malaria – fatigue makes it difficult to perform physical labor, like farming


** Splitting the Empire – Diocletian/Constantine split the empire into the Latin speaking west (Italy, Gaul (France), Spain, Britain) and Greek speaking east (Greece, Syria, Egypt). New capital at Constantinople (Istanbul)

Divided resources and political power left the western empire vulnerable

vandals and barbarians
Vandals and Barbarians
  • “Barbarian” means “non-Roman”
  • Barbarian groups include Vandals, Visigoths, Ostrogoths
  • These groups invaded Roman Empire as they fled from the Huns
  • Huns – nomads from central Asia, led by Attila - attacked Rome unsuccessfully in 452
and so it goes
And so it goes…

Romulus Augustulus - last Roman Emperor

Defeated by Germanic forces in 476

ready for the academy awards
Ready for the Academy Awards?
  • You have been placed into groups based on the number I wrote in your journal.
  • You need to design and perform a 30 second – 1 minute skit that explains the reason assigned.
  • Performances begin at 8:55
group assignments
Group Assignments
  • size of empire
  • Inflation
  • Food shortages
  • Mercenaries
  • Division between rich and poor
  • Malaria
  • splitting the empire
  • political disinterest
  • Germanic invasion
1 minute skits
1 minute skits
  • You can use limited props/signs to make your roles/meanings clear
  • You can have two members “dumb show” while another reads a script
  • Humor is fine, but not at the expense of content
  • You don’t need to have a plot – just present a scenario
reflection journal write
Reflection Journal Write
  • Which of the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire are applicable to the United States today? Do we face any of the same problems? Why? How can we overcome them? What advantages do we have over the ancient Romans?
  • Bring in an article regarding a modern problem that somehow relates to Rome.