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Decisions, Decisions

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Decisions, Decisions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Go With the Flow: Decision Trees to Navigate Categorical Decisions 2012 Title l Conference Ann Hern Decisions, Decisions. What is a decision? A mental process resulting in a course of action The process of coming to a conclusion or determination Choosing.

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Go With the Flow: Decision Trees to Navigate Categorical Decisions2012 Title l ConferenceAnn
decisions decisions
Decisions, Decisions
  • What is a decision?
    • A mental process resulting in a course of action
    • The process of coming to a conclusion or determination
    • Choosing
decision making methodologies
Decision Making Methodologies
  • Uninformed decision making might be based on
    • Drawing possibilities out of a hat
    • Throwing darts
    • Using the WAG method
  • While fun, these methods are likely not optimal!
decision making methodologies1
Decision Making Methodologies
  • Informed decision making is based on a sequential process
    • Identifying the need
    • Understanding the objective
    • Analyzing the alternatives
    • Evaluating possible solutions/outcomes
      • Possible benefits
      • Possible consequences
what is a decision tree
What is a Decision Tree?
  • Minimally, a Decision Tree is
    • A visual representation of a decision making process
    • A question and answer analysis
decision trees
Decision Trees
  • Decision Trees used to their full potential are
    • A friendly, interactive, and accessible way to work through some common questions and processes found in managing school resources
  • They are also a a resource that
      • Provides answers to common questions
      • Offers caution signs to avoid potential bumps in the road
      • Suggests “Best Practices”
      • Encourages consistent practices
      • Summarizes and simplifies rules
why decision trees
Why Decision Trees?
  • While there are many rules, regulations, and alternatives to consider when managing categorical resources, the answers to these questions are often:
    • Allowable
    • Not Allowable
    • Supplanting
    • Supplemental
other common questions
Other Common Questions
  • What is core?
  • What is a direct service?
  • Are your centralized services compliant?
  • What needs an allocation plan?
  • Is the plan aligned to goals?
  • Is your plan sustainable?
not just for categoricals
Not Just For Categoricals!
  • Decision Trees can be adapted to answer questions in almost any situation, they aren’t just for categorical resource management.
  • Other uses could be
    • Associated Student Body issues
    • Purchasing processes
    • Facilities use
    • Technology
final thoughts
Final Thoughts
  • Mapping out the optimal, compliant, choices that maximize student achievement isn’t an easy task.
  • Decision Trees can be a fresh approach when exploring options and confirming best practices and staying within the framework of compliant programs!