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Terrence Price

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Terrence Price
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Terrence Price

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  1. Terrence Price Educational Development Plan Health Sciences

  2. All About Me Autobiography • My name is Terrence Price and I'm am 17 years old. I'm six foot six inches, me and my uncle are the only tall people in my family but I'm the tallest. My favorite thing to do is play basketball. I plan on playing basketball for Romulus Senior High school this year. Basketball is fun but its not the only thing I like to do, I like to movies and out to eat with my friends.

  3. Philosophy I believe self-discovery is having the opportunity to study things that are meaningful and relevant to one's life and interests, which I think motivates to work hard, and master the skills necessary to reach their goals. The equalities that are important to me is: honest, hard worker, and trust worthy. who I am, is that I like to play sports and I like to have fun, I'm a honest person and I work hard for the things I achieve

  4. Resume Resume

  5. School Work Career Ladder Education Plan Math work 1 Math work 2 English paper rubric English paper 1 English paper 2

  6. Future goals The pathway I chose is Health Science, I pick this pathway because the job I want is “Physical Therapist”. This job would be good for me because I enjoy helping people this job will help people with there flexibly and there movement. When people get into car crashes and real bad accidents thus ruining there movement my job would be to put through exercises and workouts that they do at home. Also recommend a special diet of certain foods that will help build there muscle. How this job fits my personality because I've been in accidents to were I needed to do certain exercise and eat certain foods, foods with a lot of protein in them. So I would like to help people they way my Physical Therapist help me.

  7. Future goals The university I would like to attend is University of Florida, University of Florida has my a program for physical therapist. The degree that I'm going for is Bachelor of Science (Health Education and behavior). The yearly cost of the school is 19,830 dollars, tuition: 5,700, room: 5,250. Cost of the school University of Florida

  8. Training and Skills The training and skills that I have now that will help me be successful in the career that I want are, I'm a hard worker, I'm a honest person, I can work under pressure, I take pride in whatever I do. Traits I need work on is listening to people, understanding what people tell me, patients don’t be so in a rush to get the job done. The reason is because I need to understand the patient and hear and be patient, wait for the patient to tell me what's wrong so I can do it right.

  9. Accomplishments Report card Award

  10. My Personal Page Thanks for watching Wiki Page