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Notes on CORPORATE LEGAL FRAMEWORK Adil Abdalla June 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Notes on CORPORATE LEGAL FRAMEWORK Adil Abdalla June 2013

Notes on CORPORATE LEGAL FRAMEWORK Adil Abdalla June 2013

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Notes on CORPORATE LEGAL FRAMEWORK Adil Abdalla June 2013

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  1. Notes on CORPORATE LEGAL FRAMEWORK AdilAbdalla June 2013

  2. Service Challenges Value for Money Service Provider The Client Expectations Scope Management Info Flow Reporting System Skepticism Quality Management

  3. Procurement Cycle Cost Baselines Buyer Contract or Agreement Saler Customers & End-users Associates & Partners Terms of Payment Service or Product

  4. Procurement Quality Limits of Engagement Financial Framework Legal Framework Terms of Payment Contract Scope Cost Time Q Delivery Milestones Cost of Product/Service Product or Service Technical Framework

  5. Legal Documents Corporate Client Associates Consultancy HOA EL Consultancy Project Product Management MOU Agreement Product Project Recruitment NDA SLA Talent Management Training LoE Assignment Trainer/Coach Staff & Employees NDA Job-D Employment

  6. Process Mapping & Flow Client Wish List Corporate BD KPIs Terms of Payment Advanced Business Engagement Conceptual Engagement Completion & Close out Scope Realization Snag Attendance Scope Identification CRM & Compliances Scope Validation Commissioning Conceptual Completion Solutions Delivery

  7. Legal Engagement Contract 1st Party 2nd Party Mutual Form Eligibility Fitness Purpose & Definitions Licensed & Registration Adequacy of Baselines Parties & Power of Attorney Professional Knowledge Funds & Resources Effectiveness & Expiry Suspension & Termination Exchange Code & Compliances Obligations Rights Product or Service Delivery Approval & Consent Frauds & Arbitration Terms of Payment Standardized Satisfaction Governing Law

  8. Non-Disclosure The possession of certain confidential or proprietary information relating to pricing data, business data, business plans, marketing data, financial information, processes, procedures, formulas, patterns, compilations, techniques, methodologies (including design), programs (including models), devices, drawings, specifications, manufacturing capabilities, operational information, information about existing and future products, trade secrets, technology, know-how and other confidential information relating to the respective businesses and business interests. NDA 1st Party 2nd Party Commitments Protocol Extension Withhold Information Permission to Mention Mutual Confidentiality Protect Information Permission to Publish Business to Business B2B Notify Information Leak Permission to Use Business to Client B2C Limited Use for Purpose Term of Agreement Business to Employee B2E

  9. Performance Management A Business Unit/Staff Inputs Outputs Zemyd Management Clients Functions