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“ALL ABOUT ME”. Erica S. Hendricks October 9, 2013 4 th period . Table of Contents . Cover Table of contents Here I am About me My people My heritagE My name Who I am My favorite things Who inspires me Changing Steps to change I am AMERICA !. - INFORMATION ABOUT ME….

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    1. “ALL ABOUT ME” Erica S. Hendricks October 9, 2013 4th period

    2. Table of Contents • Cover • Table of contents • Here I am • About me • My people • My heritagE • My name • Who I am • My favorite things • Who inspires me • Changing • Steps to change • I am AMERICA !

    3. - INFORMATION ABOUT ME…. • - My name is Erica Shanice Hendricks, I was born on Septemeber 6, 1997 to my mom and dad name Beverly Scott and Derrick Hendricks. I have 5 other sibilings I’ve met 4 of them for the first time this year. I have an oldest sister name Ebony Hendricks who is 17, sometimes we get along and sometimes we don’t, but at the end of the day I still love her. I have a real big family so as I go on with the presentations you might not get to see them all.

    4. My People My family, well when it comes to my family there might be a lot of wrongs and rights. We are a big family and a lot of things that we might do are happy, exciting, fun, and sometimes sad. I love my family so much, I come from a work hard positive family. We love to go shopping and go out to eat and sometimes travel just to say we got out the house. If there’s anything that I would take back that me and my family do or go through there wouldn’t be anything I would take back because I love them!

    5. -My Heritage I have a lot of family members from Ohio, Tennesee, Texas, Altanta, Washington, and etc. Many of them moved because of there jobs or because of the bad environment surrounded them but on special holidays we see each other and we have sooo much fun every year. Every year might not be too exciting because either some one is died or either their sick but whether or not this family of mines get through it and that’s one of the reasons of why I love them dearly.

    6. “Pictures Of My family”

    7. My Name My mom and dad picked my name together but really my dad picked my name even though they all thought that I was going to be a boy but I came out to be a girl..

    8. Who I Am The kind of person that I am is a hard working person with a lot of attitude. I love finishing things that I’ve started on if I don’t then my attitude really kinda stinks but I have worked on my attitude and it is a lot better. My grades in school are really good I always make either “AB” honor roll or either “A’s, B’s, or C’s”. I love going to church and being on the praise dance, and my favorite things to do are running track, cheering, dancing, eating, txting, sleepign, shopping, talking, and being real. I don’t too mcuh talk to people because I feel like everybody have that fake part in them and people are not who they say they are, but I only have friend and that’s my sister because at the end she has my back and I have hers. I am a family person and I do get my way sometimes when I can.

    9. My Favorite Things ARE…. • Dancing • Cheering • Eating • Finishing school work • Watching tv • Interacting with family • Being real • Running track • Wrestle with my cousins • Writing • Making new goals and completing them

    10. Who Inspires Me I feel like the most part that no celebrity or anyone who’s famous inspires me but my family and teacher because at the end of the day their there to tell me each and everyday that I’m going to make it or who pushes me. A celebrity does nothing but brags about what they have or how they got it or how they trying correct America about what’s true or not so I don’t have no one who inspires me but my family and some teachers.

    11. Changing Things that I would like to change is the negative that’s going around and still my attitude. My goals that I want to be able to do during High School is finishing High School and turning my work in on time and being on time in class instead of tardy sometimes. I would like to graduate out of college with a degree in teaching 1st grade or 2nd . It really doesn’t matter where I live just as long my house has a roof, shelter, somewhere to sleep and eat ,but I do want my house to be updated and nice looking. I planned to not live in Montgomery I plan to move to Atlanta or Florida somethere but just not here .

    12. Steps to Change • Staying positive • Staying in school • Completing your goals • Being on time • Be the person you are You can improve as you grow by just doing what’s right and not wrong, just stay around positive and not negative and complete your goals.


    14. I AM AMERICA To say simply that an American is whoever is born here or who has taken an oath of citizenship is like saying that the Bible or a contract is just ink markings on paper.