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Best boarding school

Best boarding school

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Best boarding school

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  1. Best boarding school Chennai Public School

  2. Boarding schools have all the necessary aspects for the child to develop holistically. The best boarding school can be defined as a place to learn, live under the able guidance of the teachers. The term boarding school is abbreviated to dormitory or huts in a tradition way. There are two types of boarding schools: • Modern boarding school • Traditional boarding school

  3. The benefits of boarding school are: • National and international curriculum • New teaching methodologies • Conducive learning environment • Global citizens Parents choose boarding schools for continuous guidance, achievable cost and value based education. The teachers at the boarding school are some of the finest in the country providing highest level of education and discipline.

  4. The children at the boarding school are matured and take everything in their stride. Their life skills improve a great deal as they learn to face day to day issues independently without any assistance from parents or teachers. This independence gives the child a matured attitude at a young age thereby making them confident to face the outside world.

  5. Boarders share their living space with other children who are strangers but later become their close buddies. This interaction helps them develop social skills and allows them to face stranger in the outside world. This helps them to tackle real life situation with confidence and courage. They participate in various activities both academic and non academic and bring laurels to the school.

  6. The boarding school children master all arts. They are given an opportunity to build their inherent talent and showcase their personality. They prepare for the adult life much before they become adults by learning to clean, keep their clothes, take care of themselves and their friends. This makes it easier for them to transit into the adult life with ease.

  7. Chennai Public School TH Road, SH 50, Thirumazhisai Chennai-600 124 T: 044 2681 2444, 2681 2424, 2681 2423 M: +91 87545 92477 E: TVS Avenue Main Road, Anna Nagar (West Extn.), Chennai - 600 101 T: + 91 044 26541177, 26544477 E: Visit Us: