Review and new rules this is for sophomores junior and seniors
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Review and New Rules This is for Sophomores, Junior and Seniors. STARS. STARS. Some Good News, Some Bad News Good New first??? Your STARS are not due until Nov. 22 nd You will not have to do a report for these first 5.

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Review and new rules this is for sophomores junior and seniors

Review and New Rules

This is for Sophomores, Junior and Seniors



  • Some Good News, Some Bad News

  • Good New first???

  • Your STARS are not due until Nov. 22nd

  • You will not have to do a report for these first 5.

  • This year we are starting with your 4th quarter STARS from last year, because so many of you were short.

  • About 40 of you were also short on your STARS for the 3rd quarter but those were wrote off so you better be grateful (We still know who you are)

  • So the most anybody has to make up will be 10 STARS, if you don’t try we will do our best to make your life miserable.

Bad news
BAD News

  • The 22nd is only about 10 days away

  • Some of you need 10 STARS before that day

  • But you still have time to put your summer STARS in.

  • You must be caught up on STARS to be eligible for National Honor Society and maybe to even qualify for Honor Roll in December.


  • You should think today, what you did this last summer which could be used for STARS, Sorry, TV watching doesn't count

  • You will have until November 22ndto get in your summer STARS, any not handed in by then will be void.

  • The max you can do for one thing is 5 hours. You can get one sheet for all 5 hours. But for the next quarter you will have to do something else.

  • There are exceptions…

More on star sheets
More on STAR Sheets

  • This year STARS will require more details

  • You will have to say why you are doing this

  • How old is the person you are doing it for.

  • What is the needthis person has for your assistance

  • Is this a business? (how can it be charity if it is a business?)

  • No Relative means: They can’t be your mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, uncle or aunt, great uncle or aunt, cousin etc…

  • Your parents signature don’t count. The person’s name and phone number must be on the STAR sheet

Difference between pre approved and non pre approved
Difference between pre-approved and non- pre- approved

  • All pre-approved STARS can be filled out and will be accepted without any problem

  • (presuming they are signed and dated, etc..)

  • We will add more things to the pre-approved list as people make suggestions

  • For extra credit to be used to up your religion grade all STARS have to be pre-approved

  • The list of pre-approved is in your classroom

What about non pre approved
What about non pre-approved

  • The rules have changed

  • You know have to explain, in detail, why this was a charitable deed and worthy of STARS

  • Many times people will have two words describing vaguely what they did. These will immediately be rejected.

  • We will have some long form STARS available where you will write on the back a detail explanation on why these are worthwhile. If you don’t make a good case they will be rejected.

  • Now if you explain to a priest what you did and he thinks it is worthwhile, he can sign the back and allow it to proceed.

Review of stars rules
Review of STARS rules

  • The STAR hours carry over from one quarter to the next.

  • It is very possible for a student to complete all 15 hours in the first quarter.

  • STARS are usually carried over for the next school year: pre-approved golden STARS carry over directly

  • Every activity must have a STAR sheet filled out for it, with the phone number of the person which it is done for.

  • *****Any Service Hour Time sheets with parent’s signature will be void, no good, rejected, etc….

The following things will be rejected so don t bother
The following things will be rejected so don’t bother

  • Baby Sitting (except when done for a funeral or a church function)

  • Serving or Reading at Mass (except for Bishop and other special occasions)

  • Butchering a deer or other animals (unless it is for St. Mary’s game feed)

  • Holy Hour or Reading the Bible or Rosary (these are hard to prove that you actually did it)

  • Most farming activities will be rejected unless the farmer had a death in the family or was injured

There are certain things worth more than 5 hours
There are certain things worth more than 5 hours

  • Participating on Quest retreat (15 hours) hours can be saved for next year

  • TEC retreats are now worth (20 hours)

  • Work at a SKY camp or other spiritual event for others (10 hours)

  • Go on SKY camp (10 hours or more)

  • Catholic Youth Leadership Conference (CYLC) (10+hours)

  • World Youth Day (15 hours)

  • Going to DC to the Pro-Life March (15 hrs)

  • All the above will carry over for next year

More pre approved activities
More pre-approved activities

  • Helping at Totus Tuus (1 hour per day)

  • Participating in Totus Tuus (1 hour per day) .

  • Taking part in the yearly pro-life march in Lincoln in January (4 hours) or the National March

  • Other projects on behalf of the unborn (please check ahead of time)

  • Helping out at your Parish Dinner or Soup supper

  • Volunteer at Blue Valley or Region V, for five hours or more

Pre approved

  • Prepare and serve meals at the Matt Talbot kitchen in Lincoln

  • Pray at an abortion clinic, (3 hours)

  • Soul Club service activities

  • Donating blood (1 hour)

  • Providing services such as mowing lawns, scooping snow, cleaning, etc. without pay for the elderly (over 65 and Non-relative) or the transportation of the disabled.

Pre approved1

  • Visiting, providing entertainment or assistance to the elderly in the David's Place, Villa or any other home. (Non-relatives only)

  • Teaching in the parish CCD program.

  • Assisting a teacher in the parish CCD program.

  • Caring for the church or cemetery grounds

    Clerical or other service to pastor

Pre approved2

  • Each Student is expected to work at his or her parish Bazaar or dinners etc.

  • (count only time actually working)

  • Cleaning parish church, hall, school or rectory

  • Volunteer work needed and supervised by the office

  • Assistance to the maintenance employee (cleaning, or other odd jobs which are approved by the administration)

  • Helping a teacher after school (typing, filing, fixing bulletin boards, dusting, etc...)

  • Assisting with dramatic production (under supervision of and with permission of drama director)

Pre approved3

  • Helping with Alumni or Children's BB tournaments or wrestling tournaments. .

  • Significant role in Gold Rush

  • The Gold Rush last year still works

  • Working at concession stands when not assigned but filling in

  • Diocesan Canoe Trip (3 hour)

Pre approved4

  • Time keepers at sport games will get 15 minutes per game

  • Once complete 5 STAR hours then this won’t work any more.

  • Same with Choir, once you completed 5 hours you need to do something else.

  • In other words, in a given year, athletic events will only be worth 5 of the 15, choir will only be worth 5 of the 15, and just about anything from the above list is only 5 of the 15

Possible summer jobs
Possible Summer Jobs

  • Mowing the Rectory Lawn

  • Mowing in the Cemetery

  • Helping a priest, free of charge on any project.

  • Helping a teacher in a school related function as long as they are not your parent (This is summer stuff, because when a teacher is here, they are here because of generosity, not pay)

Summer jobs you may have done
Summer Jobs you may have done

  • Maybe mowing lawn for the elderly lady down the block.

  • Helping your neighbor paint his house

  • Helping your dad shingle a house when he is not getting paid,

  • Helping the Knights pick up trash on the side of the road

  • Any Dinners or Fundraisers your parish will do. Brainard and Dwight where in the Summer

  • (What else???)

What if you fail to get your stars in
What if you fail to get your STARS in:

You will lose 5 points for each STAR you are short from your religion grade.

One STAR equals = 5 points off the final grade.

You will be asked to come in ever Thursday and Friday during access time to make them up, minute per minute until all the hours are made up.

10 STAR hours will take at least 20 weeks to make up.