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Ground Rules

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Ground Rules

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  1. Ground Rules • One person talks at a time. • No one will be forced to participate if he/she does not want to do so. • Students are free to express their opinions or participate in group activities without being subjected to criticism. • Everyone will be respected. Anything discussed in group will remain confidential.

  2. Smoking: Myth and Reality • Goal: to give you important factual information about smoking. • What percentage of teenagers smoke daily? 2.4% (8th grade) 5.5% (10th grade) 10.3% (12th grade)

  3. Point to Ponder • Fewer people smoke than we think. In reality smokers represent a small minority with the vast majority of teenagers and adults being non smokers.

  4. Smoking: Myths and Realities • Why do some students smoke cigarettes, while others do not?

  5. Smoking: Myths and Realities • Please come up for reasons to smoke and not to smoke.

  6. Pro I enjoy it It relaxes me It’s a habit Everybody smokes It helps me feel and look older It stimulates me, givesme a lift Helps keep my weight down Con It can be harmful to health It doesn’t look good It cost too much money It will affect my athletic ability My parents will kill me Smoking: Myths and Realities

  7. Myths and Realities Test • Myth - A fiction (un truth) or half-truth, A fictitious story). • Reality-the quality or state of being actual or true.

  8. Point to Ponder • Cigarettes are not magical and cannot do all the wonderful things that advertisers would have us believe they can do. • In applying the myth and reality test one thing is clear: there are many good reasons for not smoking and no good reason for smoking.

  9. Cost of Smoking • How much does a pack of cigarettes cost? $9.75. • Calculate the weekly cost of smoking a pack a day. $9.75 x 7 = $69.25. • Calculate the monthly cost of smoking a pack a day. $68.25 (monthly cost) x 4 = $273.00.

  10. Cost of Smoking • Calculate the annual cost of smoking. Annual cost of smoking ($273.00) x 12 = $3276.00 How else could you use that amount of money???

  11. Long Range Effects of Smoking • Cigarette smoking is a major risk factor for developing several types of cancer, heart disease, and chronic respiratory diseases. • The survival rate of these diseases are generally poor. • Together these three cause up to 58% of the total deaths in the United States each year.

  12. Smoking and Your Body. • Please open to page 25 of your student guide. • What are the short and long term effect on your body?

  13. Points to Ponder • Cigarette smoking has a negative effect on many parts of the human body. Some occur fairly immediately, while most develop over several years. • Smoking can cause bad breath, make your clothes smell, and stain your teeth.

  14. Process of Becoming a Smoker • Step 1 Trying cigarettes. • Step 2 Smoke cigarettes on occasion. • Step 3 Increase how often you smoke • Step 4 Smoke a pack or more a day.

  15. Process of Becoming a Smoker • What is the smoking patterns of someone who just becoming a smoker? Dos he/she smoke in groups or alone? • How is it different from someone smoking for awhile? • Do you think it is hard for adult smokers to quit? Why is it so hard? Can people get really addicted to cigarettes?

  16. Point to Ponder • Most smokers go through the same steps of becoming hooked on cigarettes, trying cigarette, smoking occasionally, becoming hooked.

  17. Point to Ponder • People who are heavy smokers(30 cigarettes or more a day) generally find it difficult to quite because they become both psychologically dependant an physically addicted to cigarettes. • 50% of current cigarette smokers who try to quit fail. Of those who succeed 50% return to smoking after 6 months.

  18. Social Acceptance of Smoking. • Is cigarette smoking becoming more or less socially acceptable?

  19. Point to Ponder • Fewer people smoke today than ever before. • More and more adults are giving up smoking. In the last 25 years , over 40 million smokers have quit.

  20. Non Smokers Rights • Where are people no longer allowed to smoke? Schools -Hospitals -Subways and Trains –Supermarkets – Restaurants - Planes • Where has smoking been limited?

  21. Point to Ponder • Nonsmokers are becoming more assertive and vocal in their objections to smoking. • Sidestream Smoke (i.e. smoke from a lighted cigarette between puffs) has a high concentration of some of the same irritating and hazardous substances than does mainstream smoke (i.e smoke inhaled by the smoker).

  22. My Reasons For Not Smoking • We need five (5) volunteers. • Form a circle. • We’re going to keep an eye on you. • As soon as the eye ball is thrown to you, state your reason for not smoking.