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German Art
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German Art

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  1. German Art By our own little German, Megan Blumenthal

  2. The Carolingian and the Ottonian Art Periods.

  3. The Carolingian/Ottonian art period was probably the first period of discernible German art. The majority of the art was for religious purposes. Shown here and in the next few slides are miniatures, they are gospels. Gospel of Ebbo, St. Mathew.

  4. Four Gospels: Saint Mathew. Four Gospels: Saint Mathew. Showing St. Mark.

  5. Shown on the next few slides are Frescoes from the Carolingian/Ottonian art period. Due to age and exposure they have become quite worn. From the tomb of Rabanus. By The Monk Candidus. This is a fresco

  6. This is an ivory diptych from 800 AD. This is in the style of Ada.

  7. Next we have the Romanesque and Gothic Art and architecture periods.

  8. The Seventh Angel of the Apocalypse Proclaiming the Reign of the Lord. This is from 1180ad.

  9. Evangeliarum from Saint-Amand Abbey, 1180-1200ad.

  10. 15th Century sculptures in Germany. These are from the Berlin Museum.

  11. Next are various other forms of art from the German 15th and 16th Century. Albrecht DÜRER, “Iris”

  12. MEMLING, Hans painted “The Martyrdom of St Sebastian” in 1475AD.

  13. Albrecht DÜRER, painted this in 1516ad. This is a portrait of Michael Wolgemut.

  14. German 17th and 18th Century Art.

  15. Hans KRUMPER, sculpted this in 1610-1620Ad it is called “Justice”

  16. Floris Gerritsz van SCHOOTEN painted this oil on canvas still life called “Breakfast”

  17. STOSKOPFF, SébastienStill-Life of Glasses in a Basket1644

  18. Now skipping ahead we go into the Progressive Period of German art. This is the beginning of modern German art. Ludwig Hohlwein, early German poster artist considered by many to be the father of German poster art

  19. Gerhard Voigt (1981), born in Halle East Germany in 1926.

  20. Barbara Henniger (1986) The GDR strongly supported International Women's Day on March 8th. This day encouraged international solidarity among women.

  21. And now that I am extremely tired of German art I end this presentation. THE END