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Genetic Technologists’ Study Day PowerPoint Presentation
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Genetic Technologists’ Study Day

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Genetic Technologists’ Study Day - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Genetic Technologists’ Study Day
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  1. Genetic Technologists’ Study Day Tony Parkin, 28 June 2006

  2. Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists ACC Established 10 June 1976 – Purpose – To promote the advancement of Clinical Cytogenetics, including its molecular aspects and applications in UK, and collaborate with organisations with similar objectives in other countries – To promote meetings in Clinical Cytogenetics – To develop and maintain professional standards – To organise training, and cooperate with examining bodies to deliver qualifying examinations – To advise DoH on matters affecting Clinical Cytogenetics – To support development of career structures and service organisation – To set up Working Parties, etc.

  3. Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists ACC exists to supports its Members: Ordinary Members – Graduates occupied in the practice of Clinical Cytogenetics (both CS and GT) – Have full voting rights and can stand for election to Council, etc Associate Members – Non-Graduates occupied in Clinical Cytogenetics – But cannot vote or stand for election ACC has always acted to support GTs as well as CSs, even though GT membership of ACC has been low (although now increasing)

  4. UK Clinical Cytogenetics Workforce (WTE)

  5. Cytogenetics Skillmix – Technical/Scientific Ratio

  6. Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists Technologists: 1989 ACC Staffing Review – Recommended an increase in skill-mix and technical staffing 1990s Cytogenetics labs piloted competency based training for Technical staff across UK, and promoted development of MTO career path 1998 >25% staff in technical grades Since 2004 ACC supported and inputted to AGTC Jun04-Jan05 ACC input to help establish VRC Sept 2004 Technologist co-opted to ACC Council (MF) Sept 2005 ACC AGM approved election of up to three Technologist Members of Council (in line with membership of ACC)

  7. Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists Technologists: Mar 2006 Technologist co-opted to ACC ETC (SK) Sept 2006 First elected Technologist on Council (with full voting rights) Sept 2006 AGTC to be recognised as sub-Committee of Council (with seat/agenda slot at Council) 200x Further elections of Technologists to Council (re. ACC membership numbers) Not yet achieved: Technologist representation on ACC Professional Standards Committee, or ad hoc Working Parties

  8. Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists • ACC – Why should you join?: • ACC is a widely respected Professional Body, represented • on a large number of high level national Committees • Genetics high profile at DoH, and lot of support to develop • career path and training – but we need your input • More Technologist members – More influence • Your chance to become involved in decision/policy making • Communication – Website – ETC site – BSHG Newsletter • Annual Meeting – Spring (more GTs, more GT sessions…) • Study Days/Workshops (more GTs, more GT sessions…) • Need 25% membership of professional body for HPC • Single voice – More effective if CS and GT speak together