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APCS-A: Java. Marine Biology Case Study Chapter 1 October 28, 2005. Why a Case Study?. Gives you the opportunity to work through a large significant program (Not just a “toy” example) Helps you think about issues of good program design

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apcs a java

APCS-A: Java

Marine Biology Case Study

Chapter 1

October 28, 2005

why a case study
Why a Case Study?
  • Gives you the opportunity to work through a large significant program (Not just a “toy” example)
  • Helps you think about issues of good program design
  • Helps you learn good code practice by looking at an expert’s code
getting started the code
Getting Started - the code
  • //student/shared/US Courses -- copy the JavaMBS folder to your network drive
and the book
Chapter 1: 9-17

Chapter 2: 18-51

Chapter 3: 52-62

Chapter 4: 63-78

Chapter 5: 79-107

Appendix A – Testable Classes and Concepts

Appendix B – Source Code for Visible Classes

Appendix C – Black Box Classes

Appendix D – Environment Implementations

Appendix E – Quick Reference for A test

Appendix F – Quick Reference for AB test

Appendix G – Index for Source Code

And the “Book”
  • Student Manual to the Marine Biology Simulation Case Study (150 pages total)
object diagrams
Object Diagrams
  • Cast of Characters
    • The Driver
    • The Simulation
      • Step (public method)
    • Fish:
      • act, location, id, color, direction (public methods)
      • move, nextLocation, emptyNeighbors (private methods)
study skill note
Study Skill Note
  • Some of this text is difficult to read
  • You might read a paragraph and not actually be paying attention and forget what you read
    • So you may have to re-read the same paragraph several times to understand and grasp what it is saying
  • Be active with the text while you read
    • Highlight
    • Make notes in the margin
    • Look at the diagrams as you try to figure out the explanation
    • Draw connections while you read
chapter 1
Chapter 1
  • Experimenting with the Marine Biology Simulation Program
    • Straight-forward, easy to read chapter
  • Do Analysis Questions and Exercise Sets as you read
    • Work on this in class today with a partner
role play
Role Play
  • We will be acting out the Marine Biology code Monday in class
    • Will help you better understand intercommunicating classes
    • Will help you become familiar with the classes of the case study
  • Homework: Read your Script
    • You will be speaking your lines, but not your “stage instructions”
    • Words in boldface represent requests that someone perform a task
    • Underlined phrases in angle brackets represent ideas that should be applied <your name>
    • Indentation matters