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Just Ella By, Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Just Ella By, Margaret Peterson Haddix. Book Review by Denise Bashline. Just Ella .

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just ella by margaret peterson haddix

Just Ella By, Margaret Peterson Haddix

Book Review by Denise Bashline

just ella
Just Ella

Margaret Peterson Haddix made me feel as if I was back in the mid-evil times, when princes had balls to choose their wives and the villagers were all known and friends with the other villagers. This book is a romantic adventure tale about true love and how sometimes it isn’t as true as it seems.

about the characters
About the Characters
  • Ella is the main character and is very smart. She is a village girl who wants to go to the ball but her step-mother won’t let her. She goes anyways and the prince chooses her for a wife.
  • Prince Charming is a spoiled rich kid who does everything he’s told. Is he really all that charming?
  • Madame Bisset is a very harsh and mean lady. She is Ella’s Etiquette teacher.
  • Jed Reston is very nice and is a good friend. He is another teacher for Ella. His dream is to set up a refugee camp for people who lost their homes in the Sualan War.
  • Lucille is Ella’s step-mother. She has two daughters that are named Corimunde and Griselda. Ella calls them her Step-evils.
  • Mary is a little servant girl who helps Ella out of a lot of problems. She is also the only person who understands Ella and talks to her.
  • The main setting is in Ella’s room, and at the Palace.

Some of the minor settings-

  • At Lucille’s house and outside of the house, in the gardens.
  • In the villages Ella goes through.
  • In the Palace dungeon.
the plot
The Plot

Ella is a seventeen year old girl who goes to the ball and she looses her glass slipper. The Prince sets out to find her so they could live happily ever after… or not. She's marrying the Prince in a month. Palace life is terrible. She isn’t aloud to do anything. The prince isn’t so Charming and her life is now worse than it was when she lived with the Step-evils. So what is a girl to do? She wants out but how?

  • This book has a lot of surprises. Does Ella get away? Who marries the prince? What happens to Jed Reston? All these questions and only one answer. Read Just Ella.
  • This is the reconstruction of the classic tale Cinderella without the magic. (And the Prince “Charming”.)
was it good
Was it good?
  • This book had a fantastic plot and its characters really balanced them selves out among the story.
  • It has a surprising end but then again you can see it coming.
  • I would recommend Just Ella to anyone who likes a romantic book with an adventure twist.