Touch screen controlled surveillance vehicle
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Touch Screen controlled surveillance vehicle. Block Diagram. 4-Wire Touch Screen. ITO conductive layers FPC Cable Active Area R touch ↓ when the TS is touched. 3-D Electrical Equivalent of the TS. Screen Interface to the MCU. X & Y position Measurements. Problems Faced.

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4 wire touch screen
4-Wire Touch Screen

  • ITO conductive layers

  • FPC Cable

  • Active Area

  • Rtouch ↓ when the TS is touched

3-D Electrical Equivalent of the TS

Screen Interface to the MCU

Problems faced
Problems Faced

  • Switching i/p & o/p on same lines

  • Fluctuations in readings if done fast

  • Need of Touch Interrupt

  • ADC resolution 10 bit to 8 bit

  • Noise on lifting stylus

Graphical lcd
Graphical LCD

  • 128x64 pixels

  • KS0108 on-chip controller

  • Screen divided into two parts- left & right

Problems faced1
Problems Faced

  • No ready library available

  • Timing

  • Simulation

  • Reading from the GLCD

  • Green version voltage thresholds different from the Blue version

Background math
Background Math

a = x1 – x0

b = y1 – y0

m = b/a


Rectangular to Polar Conversion





From Transmitter:


e.g. s0030,040


At receiver:

θ = θ2 – θ1

Rotate the vehicle by angle ‘θ’

Then move forward by ‘d’ distance

Touch ControlSurveillance Vehicle

Welcome Screen


Device 1

Search for all the devices in thevicinity of the transmitter



User guided

Select ‘Mode’:Autonomous Mapping of the region or

Manually guiding the vehicle

Survey Send Clear

The Main Screen with active area & menu

Draw the path to be followed(100 samples will be taken)

‘Send’ the data to the vehicle through RFand start the vehicle

‘Clear’ screen to draw another path

Survey Send Clear

Survey Send Clear

Survey Send Clear

Survey Send Clear


34.00 C



‘Survey’ to get the sensor data from the vehicle