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--Grace Han

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--Grace Han. A Photo Gallery.

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--Grace Han

A Photo Gallery


Your best friend Steve just purchased a brand new Digital SLR but his photos are dreadful. He uses his camera's automatic mode. His pictures are white balanced, properly exposed, and in focus but his photos lack interest and impact. Help him develop a photographer's eye by creating a photo gallery of images that demonstrate each of the principles of image composition that you have learned. Use Microsoft PowerPoint or other presentation software to compile your photos into one gallery. Research and include 2-3 other principles of composition in your gallery. Include a description of each photograph in your gallery outlining the image composition principle applied. Be prepared to share your presentation with your teacher and peers so that others in the course can make use of the valuable information you have gathered!


This picture is fill the frame with relevant and interesting. There has a circle that can adds depth.



Make the focal points stand out. In this picture the photographer emphasis one of the chess piece emphasis that colour, dim the other chess pieces.


Angle of view:

The photographer take the picture from the entrance to a cave to capture the subject realistically.


Rule of thirds:

In this picture the horizon divides the lower third of the photo from the top two thirds. The street lamp are between the sky and the horizon line.



The stone divide the picture equally. That is a perfect visual effect.


Tone and sharpness:

In this photo the photographer use the light and shadow to highlight this woman. Also blur the background to increase the visual.



In this picture we can see the details in this dandelion also use the close up shoot can highlight the seed in the dandelion.



The black plastic in this photo obstructs we see the beautiful flower.


High dynamic range (HDR) imaging:

This photo is really clear to show an artistic high dynamic range image.