Do i have anything useful to say
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‘Do I have anything useful to say?’. How can ‘learning technologies’ be about learning?. Daniel Mace Advanced Skills Teacher Langley Grammar School, Slough. Google Image Number 1. Nail in the coffin. Too much technology. Structures: plans to no avail.

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Do i have anything useful to say
‘Do I have anything useful to say?’

How can ‘learning technologies’ be about learning?

Daniel Mace

Advanced Skills Teacher

Langley Grammar School, Slough

Google image number 1
Google Image Number 1

Nail in the coffin

Wordles engagement
Wordles – engagement?


  • What is the spectrum of opinion about learning technologies?

  • Why do they create problems in the ‘classroom’?

  • How can we inspire Generation Y to positively impact their world?

What s been hard
What’s been hard?

  • Tutor group blog and homepage

  • A-level geography blog

  • No-one brings a tablet to school

  • Who’s on Twitter?

  • Better work on paper

Do i have anything useful to say

  • Teacher distrust of tech

  • Traditional teaching

  • Children might know more, can access more

  • Danger:

  • Perception of irrelevance

  • Not focused on learning pathways

  • Teacher is sole possessor – or thinks they are…


  • Shared understanding and enthusiasm

  • VLE works and independent created?

  • Twitter can start and continue conversation with 24/7 learning

  • Collaboration is name of the game

  • Danger:

  • Technology drives learning, not thinking

  • Internet safety issues missed?

Children’s confidence

Teacher’s confidence



  • Some can’t access the curriculum – cost / language / culture / family / confidence

  • Not knowing what to say

  • Frustration of teacher with students – less likely to try new things

  • Danger:

  • Time wasted

  • Disenchantment with technology

  • No differentiation

  • Strong emphasis on traditional learning – maybe excellent focus on thinking and essays writing

  • Nobody pressured (or allowed?) to use technology

  • Danger:

  • Misses 21st Century – e.g. N vs. S Korea


Do i have anything useful to say

  • Constructivist

  • Divergence

  • Open-mindedness

  • Fun

  • Enjoyment

  • Curiosity

  • Thinking

  • Creativity

  • Mastery-orientation

  • Love geography

  • Do well at exams

Do i have anything useful to say

CTL / Intro

X-word generators

Windows Movie Maker quizzes

Family Fortunes

Electronic dominos

Big Picture

VLE – structure

Freemind maps


KS5 Blog

Twitter Convos


Consolidation / HW

Forums for P4C

Videos on YouTube



Input of new ideas

IWB Games

PS work – flexibility with tablets

YouTube videos

Activity – making meaning

IWB Decisions

Visualisers to review



But must add value

Rsa sept 2012
RSA, Sept 2012

  • Now, more than ever, we need young people to use their collaborative and technological skills to overcome economic challenges and help shape a more prosperous future (Adam Lent)

  • One-dimensional cultures or approaches are inflexible and prone to collapse

Philosophy for computing
Philosophy for Computing

  • 6 themes

    • Addiction

    • Viruses & Contagion

    • AI

    • Hacking

    • Censorship

    • GIS & Privacy

Do i have anything useful to say

Do i have anything useful to say

Have something useful to say
Have something useful to say

  • Do teachers know what active learning is – from beginning to end: lesson / topic / year

  • Are children confident and engaged with learning

  • Use technology to replicate those activities – to engage and prevent disaffection

  • Don’t try the other way around – using technology to engage with the ideas

  • Ultimately – the brain is the best learning technology available – need to do everything we can to promote them using that

Do i have anything useful to say

  • Big Picture

  • CTL (Knowledge recap)

  • Input – Active learning

  • Activity or Making Meaning

  • Homework and Consolidation – high level, creative and abstract

  • Engagement and social consciousness

  • Collaboration & Learning to learn

  • VLE – structure

  • Interactive crosswords

  • Tablets for Private Study work

  • E-textbooks

  • IWB for tools

  • Visualisers