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MGT 598 course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and apply their learning from the course.

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MGT 598 Learn/

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mgt 598 week 1 individual assignment new consultant training

MGT 598 Week 1 Individual Assignment New Consultant Training

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Select an industry in which you currently work or one in which you are interested in working. Your consulting firm will be in this industry.

mgt 598 week 2 team assignment casual chain scorecard

MGT 598 Week 2 Team Assignment Casual Chain Scorecard

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Select an organization in which one or more of the team members currently work or one with which the team is familiar.

Propose a project to be conducted within the organization. Examples of projects may include:

Prepare a 1,400-word Causal Chain Scorecard and summary for the selected consulting project. Include the following information for the project:

Discuss input measures (people, projects, time

mgt 598 week 3 individual assignment consulting plan part 2 project plan score 8of10

MGT 598 Week 3 Individual Assignment Consulting Plan Part 2 Project Plan (Score 8of10)

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Continue using the organization and project from Week 2.

Prepare a 1,400-word Project Plan in which you include the following:

Develop objectives for the consulting project. 

Explain why multiple levels of objectives are needed for a consulting project to give it direction and focus.

Align the consulting project to the organization's

mgt 598 week 4 team assignment action plan

MGT 598 Week 4 Team Assignment Action Plan

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Continue to use the organization and plan selected in Week 2 for the Causal Chain Scorecard.

Develop a 1,400-word Action Plan in which you include the following:

Examine the various processes of data collection.

Develop a process of data collection for all levels including reaction, learning, application, and impact.

Measure the inputs using a variety of measures

mgt 598 week 5 team assignment budget process

MGT 598 Week 5 Team Assignment Budget Process

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Continue using the project and organization used for Weeks 2 and 4.

Prepare a 1,400-word examination of the budgeting process in which you include the following:

Develop an allocated budget.

Analyze the Return on Investment (ROI) within the allocated budget.

Examine the ROI challenges.

Discuss the forces driving the ROI.

mgt 598 week 6 individual assignment consulting project part 3 final project score 18of20

MGT 598 Week 6 Individual Assignment Consulting Project Part 3 Final Project (Score 18of20)

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Incorporate feedback from the instructor for Parts 1 & 2.

Prepare a 2,400-word Consulting Project which will include Parts 1 & 2. Include the following in the Final Project:

Create a Table of Contents.

Develop a Company Background on the selected company.

Create a Project Proposal.