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CIS 560 course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and apply their learning from the course.

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CIS 560 Learn/

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cis 560 discussion 1

CIS 560 Discussion 1

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Each Part is Answered with approx. 100 words

1. Take a position on whether or not you believe most employees abide by their organization’s AUP. Support your position with an explanation. Propose ways that an organization can enforce this policy.

2. Suppose your department manager accidentally sends you an Excel spreadsheet showing salaries and

cis 560 discussion 2

CIS 560 Discussion 2

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1. Determine at least five advantages and five disadvantages of a smart card compared to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

2. Assume that you are a supervisor for your organization’s IT security team. You want to install biometric devices

cis 560 discussion 3

CIS 560 Discussion 3

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1. From the first e-Activity, what are some best practices that could be used by businesses to ensure that digital certificates are not fake certificates?

***E-Activity: Go to Computerworld’s Website and read “Researchers hack VeriSign’s SSL scheme for securing websites”, located at ***

cis 560 week 2 case study 1 stuxnet

CIS 560 Week 2 Case Study 1 Stuxnet

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Case Study 1: Stuxnet

Due Week 2 and worth 60 points

In June 2010, Stuxnet

cis 560 week 3 assignment 1 access restrictions 2 papers

CIS 560 Week 3 Assignment 1 Access Restrictions (2 Papers)

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Assignment 1: Access Restrictions

Due Week 3 and worth 80 points

In a business environment, controlling who has access to business information and at what level is critical for facilitating day-to-day business operations. There are three levels of information access: no access, read access, and read-write access. Use a business of your choice to answer the criteria for this assignment.

cis 560 week 4 case study 2 cisco s remote access 2 papers

CIS 560 Week 4 Case Study 2 Cisco’s Remote Access (2 Papers)

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Case Study 2: Cisco’s Remote Access

Due Week 4 and worth 60 points

Go to Cisco’s Website and read, “How Cisco IT Provides Remote Access for Small Offices and Teleworkers”, located at According to the study, an IDC forecast from December 2007, expected the

cis 560 week 7 assignment 2 single sign on access 2 papers

CIS 560 Week 7 Assignment 2 Single Sign-On Access (2 Papers)

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Assignment 2: Single Sign-On Access

Due Week 7 and worth 80 points 

Some business and organizational network infrastructures consist of multiple systems from the same or different vendors

cis 560 week 9 assignment 3 secure encrypted communications 2 papers

CIS 560 Week 9 Assignment 3 Secure Encrypted Communications (2 Papers)

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Assignment 3: Secure Encrypted Communications

Transmitting personal and business data and information over secure communication channels is critical. In some cases it is required, especially when personally identifiable information is being transmitted. Credit card numbers, Social Security

cis 560 week 10 term paper the human element 2 papers

CIS 560 Week 10 Term Paper The Human Element (2 Papers)

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Term Paper: The Human Element

Human nature is the single greatest vulnerability in any control system and cannot be ignored. Organizations should always take human behavior into account when designing access plans and strategies. Human beings can pose unintentional threats when they accidentally delete data. Hackers may be motivated by financial data when they attack