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National Broadband Map Update. Michael Byrne Geographic Information Officer. Outline. Quality Assessment. Data Integration. Produce BB Map. • The National Broadband Map is a program of the National Telecommunications Information Administration • Authority comes from ARRA and BDIA

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Michael byrne geographic information officer

National Broadband Map


Michael Byrne

Geographic Information Officer

Michael byrne geographic information officer


Quality Assessment

Data Integration

Produce BB Map

National broadband map overview

• The National Broadband Map is a program of the National Telecommunications Information Administration

• Authority comes from ARRA and BDIA

NTIA “shall create and maintain a National Broadband Map”

Map “shall be on-line and searchable and interactive”

• Grants to each state and territory for assembling and collecting the data

NTIA and FCC entered into a partnership to help produce the map


National Broadband Map - Overview

National broadband map

NTIA awarded grants to each state; state mapping broadband availability;

Technology and speed available, by provider at the US Census Block level

Community Anchor Institution Data

• Collect data twice a year (April and October)

Map to be published on 2/17/2011

National Broadband Map

Data integration review data
Data Integration – Review Data

  • Each submission contains; a Geodatabase, some summary information, metadata, and a process paper

  • Standard process for reviewing the data

  • Issues we have seen

    • No documentation, record count differences, no metadata, valid values in data

Data integration completeness analysis
Data Integration – Completeness Analysis

  • How much availability is there (e.g. by population and housing units)?

  • How much speed is there (e.g. by population and housing units)?

  • Did we get all the right providers?

  • Did we get all the right community Anchor Institutions?

National quality assessment overview
National Quality Assessment – Overview

  • Meta Analysis

  • Data Comparison

  • Final Report

National quality assessment meta analysis
National Quality Assessment Meta Analysis

  • Check stuff

    • Awardee provided documentation of data verification strategies

    • Feedback loop to service providers

    • Primary data source collection

National quality assessment compare data
National Quality Assessment – Compare Data

  • Type I & Type II Error assessment against known third party data

    • FCC 477, Speed test, industry data

  • Wireline

  • Wireless

  • Technology

  • Speed

National quality assessment final report
National Quality Assessment – Final Report

  • Record level data confidence

  • Recommendations for process improvements

  • Technical details of quality

  • Feedback loop for awardees

National broadband map1
National Broadband Map

  • Platform Specification

  • Requirements

  • Design Build Implement (agile)

  • Mobile

  • Supporting Visualizations

  • Technology Transfer


  • All REST and web services (including OGC)

  • Simple search

  • Summarize (any geography)

  • Analyze (rank any geography)

  • Developer (e.g. API enabled)

  • Advanced Analytics available

Mobile app
Mobile App

  • We have a contest planned for a mobile app

  • To be released by April 2010

Your help needed

• What would a mobile app do?

• What functions would you recommend employing in a mobile app?

• How do we truly define something ‘unique’ that significantly adds value to community?

Your Help Needed

Michael byrne michael byrne@fcc gov

Michael Byrne

Thank You

Data integration review data1
Data Integration – Review Data

  • Layers include – (1) Block level, (2) address level, (3) road segment level, (4) wireless, (5) CAI, (6) middle mile and an (7) overview

  • (8) Last mile and (9) subscriber weighted nominal speed

  • Check each field for valid values, accepted ranges, and combination of values

  • Check geospatial data for vertex limits, geometry errors, projection and topology rules

  • ETL data into a staging database

Fcc gov developer

• Most major federal datasets built on Census geography

• First dot gov API to unlock data at Census block level

• Wide-reaching benefit across government agencies

Announcing – FCC Census Block Search API