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LEGACY. Andrew Scholwin April, 2, 2012. Defining Legacy.

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Andrew Scholwin

April, 2, 2012

Defining legacy
Defining Legacy

  • To me legacy is something that represents a person's lifestyle and is something that they can be proud of. A legacy can be present during someone’s life as well as left behind after one’s death. Legacies can also be shared by a specific group of people. For example, my legacies are the music I write and the hood that I’m from.

French montana
French Montana

  • French Montana brought new music to the hip hop industry.

  • His rap group is the Coke Boys and one of their members (Max B) is currently in prison.

  • French Montana spent millions of dollars to beat murder and drug charges.


  • Dorchester is a neighborhood of many different cultures and beliefs.

  • The Dorchester area is an example of Boston itself. There are so many areas that are very different from each other but are yet so close.


  • Graffiti was started in the 1970’s and evolved in the 80’s.

  • Graffiti is street art brought to life by the artist’s creativity and skill.

  • The legacy of graffiti has continuously evolved and is now all over the world.


  • A legacy can be a person, place, idea, etc.

  • Anything that someone has left behind for a generation to continue is a legacy.

My legacy
My Legacy

  • Music is one of the most important things in my life and the songs that I write/record are part of the legacy that I established. I’m not in the music industry alone because people from my hood (which is also a legacy in the newer generation) are working with me. Together we all hope to make it far and leave behind something that will be heard and played throughout the new generation. As for my hood I wait to see how the younger generation will look like in the years to come.