the one the only the king n.
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The One, The Only, The King. Elvis Presley. Dylan McShain and Brian Chismar. The Boy Elvis. Born: January 8 th, 1935 Tupelo, Mississippi. Parents Vernon and Gladys Presley. Only Child. Ohh !! The Versatility. A Renaissance Man.

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the one the only the king
The One, The Only, The King

Elvis Presley

Dylan McShain and Brian Chismar

the boy elvis
The BoyElvis

Born: January 8th, 1935

Tupelo, Mississippi

Parents Vernon and Gladys Presley

Only Child

ohh the versatility
Ohh!! The Versatility

A Renaissance Man

1953: Wins his high school talent show, standing ovation.

1953: Five minutes later …performs encore.

1957: Films Fourth Movie, “King Creole”… first and last successful movie.

1957: Finds a house nicknamed “Graceland”, becomes a homeowner… doesn’t change houses name.

1958: Enrolls in the Army at age 23

1966: Films another movie… doesn’t do well.

1967: Marries Priscilla

1970: Visits Richard Nixon… while still in White House.

1973: Divorces Priscilla… amicably

1974: Performs concert from Hawaii… Aloha

hit songs
Hit Songs

1956Heartbreak Hotel

56’Blue Suede Shoes

56’Don't Be Cruel

56’Hound Dog

56’Blue Moon

56’ Love Me Tender

1957All Shook Up

57’ (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

57’Jailhouse Rock

elvis music clip
Elvis Music Clip

that s all i can stand
“That’s all I can Stand…”

Heart Failure

Elvis Presley’s heart gave out in the wee morning hours at his house in Graceland while preparing for a show in Portland.

dead but not gone
Dead but not Gone

…but still Dead.

Mr. Presley Died at his Memphis home,

Graceland in Tennessee

on the 16th of August 1977

…supposedly on the toilet.

the downfall of the king
The Downfall of the King
  • In 1973, Elvis and his wife, Priscilla, got divorced
  • Career also started to slow down
  • Rapid weight gains influenced him to take an assortment of pills and he was constantly dieting
  • His lifestyle of partying all night and sleeping all day only added to his health issues
controversial in life even more in death
Controversial In Life…Even More in Death

Exact cause of death was from cardiac arrhythmia

It was reported that the cause of this was “undetermined”

Drug dependency, obesity, and weak heart rate were key factors

poppin pills
Poppin Pills

Elvis took a long list of prescription drugs on a daily basis

An autopsy found 14 different types of drugs in his blood stream

Toxic levels of methaqualone

Ten times the normal dosage of codeine


Depresses the CNS

Used in the 1960s and 1970s as a treatment for insomnia and a sedative and muscle relaxant

When used illegally referred to as Quaaludes or Mandrax

Taken orally or smoked

Light use effects: relaxation, euphoria, drowsiness, reduced heart rate

Heavy use effects: depression, decreased muscle coordination, slurred speach


Most widely used opiate in the world

Purpose of drug is to relieve pain and anxiety

Side effects include: dry mouth, itching, drowsiness

Taken for its euphoric effects

Referred to as: cilly, loopy c, juice, little c

Methods of use: snorted, smoked, injected, orally, crushed and mixed with water



Who were Elvis’ parents?

What was the name of Elvis’ house?

What were 2 hit songs Elvis had?

Where was Elvis found dead in his house?

What were the 2 types drugs that were said to have the biggest effect on Elvis’ death?