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Going Bar Hopping in Miami With Limo Service Miami PowerPoint Presentation
Going Bar Hopping in Miami With Limo Service Miami

Going Bar Hopping in Miami With Limo Service Miami

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  1. 866 866- -727 727- -5466 5466 info@cheaplimoservicenearme.com info@cheaplimoservicenearme.com

  2. Having a long week? Is the stress of the job or the college studies finally taking its toll? Then it is time to unwind from the mind numbing labour of the weekdays and spend this weekend doing something other than lounging in front of your T.V sets. To make your weekend better, we suggest you take a trip to Miami and try out all the awesome bars the city has to offer. It will become much easier if you have a Cheap limo service near you with you and way more fun if you have access to Limo Service Miami because there is no harm in becoming a party animal every now and then. 866-727-5466 OR info@cheaplimoservicenearme.com

  3. Here’s Here’s a a list list of of your your stops stops: : 866-727-5466 OR info@cheaplimoservicenearme.com

  4. 1. 1. 1930 1930S Shouse house: : 2 2. . Ball Ball& & Chain Chain: : 3 3. . Atrio Atrio: : Who wants to settle for the usual when something extraordinary is present right around the corner? This bar carries the pieces from a house made in 1930. So while the action is new, the interior is old and classy. The entire place gives off vibes of the 1930s with its flickering candles and uncanny paintings. Ball & Chain, too, is a bar reminiscent of the 1930s when the same space was once rocked by jazz music, and visited by superstars like Count Basie, Chet Baker and Billie Holiday. Their Cuban inspired cocktails like Cañita, Mojito Criollo, and Pastelito Daiquiri among many others will make you sip every last drop. Atrio is a bar with a view. While every other bar in Miami tries to cash in with the view, this one seems to have taken the lead as it sits grandly on the 25th floor sky lobby of the Conrad Hotel. 866-727-5466 OR info@cheaplimoservicenearme.com

  5. To make your trip memorable, you’ll just need to take the matter to the search engine and type in limo rentals near Me or limo service near you to be safe while drinking and enjoying your time off. Call us now at 866-727-5466 866-727-5466 OR info@cheaplimoservicenearme.com

  6. 866-727-5466 OR info@cheaplimoservicenearme.com Thank You… Thank You…