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How to Choose the Best Martial Art for You

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How to Choose the Best Martial Art for You - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Searching for a place that provides martial arts training in Chandigarh? Search online for the best gyms and academies that offer training. You can get trained in any of the top martial art forms like Karate, Kickboxing and Jeet Kune Do to stay in shape. You can learn the self-defence techniques, combat skills and develop mental discipline by practicing a martial art. For more details, visit us:

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How to Choose the Best Martial Art for You

Martial arts include practices and traditions of training for combat. Some of the top reasons why you

must enrol for martial arts training in Chandigarh are to learn combat skills, self-defence techniques,

self-cultivation or meditation, develop self-confidence, mental discipline and more. Thus, joining up

martial art can be a valuable experience for your fitness and overall well-being. It is important to pick up

the perfect system for yourself so that you not only enjoy it but also stick with it. Here is a quick guide to

help you figure out the right one for you.

1. Karate

Karate means empty hand in Japanese and is one of the most popular martial art forms. It originated in

Okinawa and there are different styles within Karate. You can join karate classes in Mohali and become

an expert in the hard blocks, kicks, throws, and punches. It is also an Olympic sport so finding the

opportunities may not be tough. The Karate program includes a wide variety of activities such as drills,

sparring, relaxation techniques, standard cardiovascular exercises and popular acts of breaking bricks

and boards with hands and feet. As sparring is done in full gear you may need to buy a lot of stuff.

2. KickBoxing

Kickboxing has its origins in Thailand. It involves the movements of fists and feet as well as strikes with

knee and elbows. Clinch is a stand-up grappling form which is also a distinct kickboxing feature. The

kickboxing techniques are learned through drilling combos on Thai Pads. Once you master the technique

to throw the strikes then you can begin with the real sparring. Sparring is generally mean to your

shoulder and hip areas; however, during a clinch, your true endurance is tested. If you are flexible it may

be easier for you to start with the kicks.

3. Jeet Kune Do

It is the signature street fighting style of legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee. The literal meaning of Jeet

Kune Do is a way of intercepting the fist. It is a combat philosophy that incorporates the characteristics

and traits from other fighting styles which include western boxing as well as fencing. The philosophy of

Jeet Kune Do is holistic and can be also applied in daily life to solve problems and help in decision

making. Warm up concentrates on abdomen and spine and is fairly quick. You also need to practice

correct posture and defence.


There are plenty of other martial arts that you can explore as well; however, these three are most likely

easiest to find. Thus, whatever is the reason you want to learn martial art do not forget to complete

your research about the training academy and the trainer.

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