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Travel Insurance Coverage & Claims PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel Insurance Coverage & Claims

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Travel Insurance Coverage & Claims
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Travel Insurance Coverage & Claims

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  1. Travel Insurance Coverage & Claims • There are two travel insurance coverage provided to Hewlett Packard Japan, Ltd. employee who holds American Express Corporate Card or using American Express Business Travel Account (Smart System): • ◆ American Express Corporate Card :Travel Accident Insurance • ◆ Business Travel Account : Flight Insurance • Below are the summary of covers for cards/accounts issued in Japan. Cover of Flight Insurance (BTA) is cumulative and you may claim against both covers at the same time.

  2. Travel Insurance Coverage & Claims • *1Insured persons are American Express Corporate Cardmember, plus his/her spouse/relatives in the same livelihood with the Corporate Cardmember. • *2 In case of overseas travel, the insured person is automatically covered by the insurance. It is not necessary therefore, to fill out forms or pay a special premium for each trip taken. • *3 In case of overseas travel the maximum 90 days protection applies from the time of departure from one’s residence in Japan until the time of return to the residence (specifically from one day prior to the date of departure from Japan until the following date of return to Japan). • *4 In the case of domestic travel, this insurance applies only when bodily injury was sustained due to an accident while on board a public conveyance*, for which payment was made with the American Express Corporate Card or in an accident due to fire or explosion while staying at hotels that were reserved and for which payment with the American Express Corporate Card was indicated or to an accident while taking part in a package tour, the payment for which was made by American Express Corporate Card. • *5 Insured persons are overseas travelers purchased an international air ticket of a regular service airline through Business Travel Account (Smart System) and are designated as passengers under the Smart System, excluding accompanied infants who are not subject to air fare.

  3. All claims and correspondence relating to the cover should be addressed within 30days from the date of the accident. If you fail to comply with the term and conditions of this cover, the insurance underwriter may be entitled to refuse to pay or reduce any claim that may be payable. The contacts are listed below: • For further details, please see usage regulations of ‘Travel Accident Insurance’ and ‘Regulations of Compensation Program for International Airlines Passengers’.