welcome to mrs pettus room n.
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Welcome to Mrs. Pettus’ Room PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Mrs. Pettus’ Room

Welcome to Mrs. Pettus’ Room

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Welcome to Mrs. Pettus’ Room

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  1. Welcome to Mrs. Pettus’ Room 7th Grade Science

  2. First Things First: • I am glad you are here! • I am so excited to be your teacher! • I cannot WAIT to get started!

  3. LMS Mission Statement • The mission of LaVergne Middle School is to enable all students to achieve excellence in learning, social responsibility, and self-worth and to improve in these each academic year.

  4. Three School Rules

  5. Procedures-Tardy • 1st period students will be seated and silently working by 7:53 with all supplies needed. • All other class periods, students will be seated and silently working by the time the tardy bell rings with all supplies needed.

  6. Procedures-Science Starter • Each day there will be Science Starter on the board for the student to get started on immediately once they come into class. It is the student’s responsibility to write the correct answer and a short explanation. • There will be grades given that will hold the student accountable for completing their Science Starter.

  7. Procedures-Stay Seated • Each student will remain seated at all times unless permission is given by the teacher to get up. • Tap your nose for a Kleenex. • Keep your trash until the end of class. • You may NOT go to the restroom.

  8. Procedures-Paper • Pass forward and to the left if the teacher asks for papers to be turned in during class. • Put them NEATLY in the drawer labeled with class period if told to turn them in at the end of class.

  9. Procedures-Folders • Each class period has their own color folder. • The left pocket will hold extra paper and science journal. • The brads will hold Science Starter. • The right pocket will hold graded papers.

  10. Procedures-Materials • For science class students will need: • A sharpened pencil/pen • Science journal* • Loose leaf paper*

  11. Procedures-Class • All students are expected to actively participate in class. • Remember: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be on Time

  12. Procedures: Test • Science tests will be given on Wednesdays. We will have a short quiz or test most Wednesdays. • Participation in labs/activities depends on your behavior and grades on tests.

  13. Procedures: Homework • When you have homework you will be given plenty of time to complete it. • Your homework EVERY Tuesday night is to study.

  14. Procedures: Agenda • You should have your agenda at all times. • Along with FOA, on Mondays you should copy agenda off board for the week.

  15. Consequence: Tardy • After the third tardy, the student will receive a step.

  16. Consequence: Disrespect • If student chooses to be disrespectful in any way to self, student, or teacher: • 1st: Warning • 2nd: Last Chance Chair • 3rd: Step

  17. Let’s Review: • When should you be seated and silently working?

  18. Let’s Review • What all should you keep in your folder?

  19. Let’s Review • What happens if you are tardy 3 times in one semester?

  20. Let’s Review • Can you get out of your seat without permission?

  21. Let’s Review: • What 2 things should you do on Monday when coming into class?

  22. Let’s Review • What happens if you choose to be disrespectful in any way?

  23. Let’s Review: • What is your homework every Tuesday night?

  24. Let’s Review: • What will happen on almost every Wednesday?