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WORKSHOP ON implementation of PRIASOFT

WORKSHOP ON implementation of PRIASOFT. Presented By: DRDA Balangir. District Profile on Balangir. Geographical Area : 6569 Sq Kms Sub Division : 3 Blocks : 14 Urban Bodies : 4 Gram Panchayats : 285 Villages : 1792 Population : 13.37 Lakhs Rural : 11.83 Lakhs

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WORKSHOP ON implementation of PRIASOFT

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  1. WORKSHOP ON implementation ofPRIASOFT Presented By: DRDA Balangir

  2. District Profile on Balangir Geographical Area : 6569 Sq Kms Sub Division : 3 Blocks : 14 Urban Bodies : 4 Gram Panchayats : 285 Villages : 1792 Population : 13.37 Lakhs Rural : 11.83 Lakhs Urban : 1.54 Lakhs SC : 2.26 Lakhs ST : 2.76 Lakhs BPL Families : 2.01 Lakhs Cultivable Area : 3.40 Lakh hect Irrigation Potentiality : 0.55 Lakh hect Major Irrigation : 1103 hect Medium Irrigation : 6587 hect Minor Irrigation : 14496 hect Lift Irrigation : 7668 hect Dug Wells : 9240 hect Other Irr. Sources : 15992 hect

  3. STATUS OF GRAM PANCHAYAT COMPUTERIZATION • Order placed to OCAC for hardware purchase of 285 GP of Balangir District. Blocks – 2 desktop with UPS, 2nos. laser printer & MS Office. GPs – 1 desktop with UPS / Laptop, 1 laser printer & MS Office • Out of 285, 60 GPs are non-electrified, so laptop supplied. • All the hardware has been supplied and installed in all the 14 blocks and 285 GPs. • Installation certificate for the GP Computerization from all the 14 BDOs has been given to OCAC vide Letter No. 2818 dated 04/09/2010 with a copy to Govt. in PR vide memo no.2819 dated 04/09/2010. • Order issued to all BDOs for landline telephone connection with broadband facilities. • 5 GPs from Khaprakhol, Gudvella & Puintala has been connected with Broadband internet service and entry of PAMIS 2010 & NREGA are in progress at the GP Point. • Godrej make Chair & Table have been supplied to all GPs.

  4. Status of Gram Panchayat Data Base Facility Centre (20 seated LAN) • Instructions has been given to all BDOs for furnishing of the LAN Room as per requirement. • 5 location like Agalpur, Gudevella, Deogaon, Khaprakhol & Bangomunda have completed the room furnishing & other 9 are in progress. • Order placed for fixing of table, Dais, supply of Chair and the work is likely to be complete by 30th of this month. • Hardware materials supplied to all the blocks and all are in shape custody of the BDOs i.e. • 5 nos. of desktop with UPS • One LCD projector • One Touch Screen TFT Monitor. • Two nos. of Air Conditioner with stabilizer • Networking equipements. All the Blocks will complete the work for 20 seated by 15th October, 2010.


  6. Same Password for All the Levels Different Password Should be allotted for different Levels. Because of Same Password insecurity lies in the Software

  7. Schemes not Available Schemes Like Community Dev, ORDP, Education etc schemes are not available in PRIASOFT Own Resource Scheme not Available in GP Level OB Reports

  8. Voucher Number Manual Voucher Numbering is very difficult to maintain Due to inconsistent Numbering of the transactions confusion is created So Voucher numbering should be generated through S/w itself

  9. Difficulties in Voucher Entry: • Entry should be scheme wise but presently it is voucher type wise. • “Session time out”error after 2 to 3 voucher entry. • Multiple cheque issue is not possible in a single voucher. • Modification of entered vouchers are not possible. • Single Voucher entry in PRIASOFT taking much more time then OLD PAMIS & PAMIS-2010.

  10. Problem in Salary payment in 12FCA

  11. Infinite Loop in Modify Post Office A/c Form If, there is no post office a/c available in the logged in user, the problem arises after entering the following form.

  12. Village Data not Available: during work entry

  13. …… Thank You

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