The future and your library
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The Future and Your Library. The Conversation Continues Sept. 30, 2010. Summary of Subcenter Discussion. Digital/Mobile Population changing Go Green! Community is changing Digital Divide will deepen Education changing Families changing, busier Money/economic challenges. Digital Mobile.

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The future and your library

The Future and Your Library

The Conversation Continues

Sept. 30, 2010

Summary of subcenter discussion
Summary of Subcenter Discussion

  • Digital/Mobile

  • Population changing

  • Go Green!

  • Community is changing

  • Digital Divide will deepen

  • Education changing

  • Families changing, busier

  • Money/economic challenges

Digital mobile
Digital Mobile

  • Patrons want services/answers 24/7/365

  • Patrons expect access & support for devices

  • Patrons bring own technology

  • Access vs. ownership

  • Digitizing local content; user created content

Digital what can we do
Digital: What can we do?

  • Downloadables

  • Online catalogs and databases

  • “Ask a Librarian” IM widget

  • Self-service, self-check

  • Mobile versions of websites

  • QR/Two dimensional codes

  • Wi Fi access

  • Evaluate how people use the space Evaluate electrical capacity; outlets, etc.

  • Consortia for databases, downloadable materials

  • Links to databases and resources;

  • Digitizing local resources, user-created content Users create promo videos, write blogs

  • Digitize local newspapers, local history

Population is changing
Population is Changing

  • Aging population, but increased use by teens and children

  • Diversity of cultures

  • (More Mobile)

Population changing what can we do
Population Changing: What can we do?

  • Community study, Planning

  • Programming and services for “boomer to codger” patrons

  • Mentoring for teens

  • Technology for teens—using library for different reasons than before; involve them creatively

  • Involve teens in planning

  • Space for teens

Going green
Going Green

  • Environmental consciousness

  • Energy savings

  • Recycling

Going green what can we do
Going Green: What can we do?

  • Model green for the community: Recycle: paper, ink cartridges

  • Be collection center for cartridge recycling; spearhead community recycling drives

  • Information/resources/programming on being green

  • Power company do energy audit for library

  • Library check out energy sensors to patrons (from power company)

Community is changing
“Community” is Changing

  • Broader than physical place

  • Global

Community what can we do
Community: What can we do?

  • Programs out to community—where they’re already at

  • Web and social network presence

  • Provide space for people to meet face-to-face, formally and spontaneously

  • Community is larger than the town/county; library reach to larger community/connection

  • Outreach outside the library

Digital divide
Digital Divide

  • Deepening: “have nots” falling further behind

  • Widening: more “have nots”

Digital divide what can we do
Digital Divide: What can we do?

  • Keep technology current

  • Staff current on technology, how it can be used

  • Review hours open

Education is changing
Education is Changing

  • More home schooling

  • Moving toward year ‘round school?

  • More distance learning

  • More use of technology

Education what can we do
Education: What can we do?

  • Collaboration with schools

  • Support for home schoolers

  • Provide space/resources for students

  • Proctoring

  • Support for all types of literacy

  • Pathfinders

  • Support/technology for lifelong learners, online learning

Families are changing
Families are Changing

  • Busier

  • Spread out, geographically

  • “Family Unit” is different

Families what can we do
Families: What can we do?

  • Latchkey: Programming, Mentoring programs, Homework help, Change program hours

  • Outreach programs “where they’re at”

  • Re-evaluate hours; Change program hours

  • Create family-friendly environment

  • Family programs

  • Collaborate with other agencies/organizations

  • Support for lifelong and self-directed learners.

  • Develop guides and resources (print and online)

  • Help make connections in community –mentoring/shadowing

  • SWILSA Adobe classroom for online classes for the public

Economic challenges
$$$, Economic Challenges

  • Resistance to taxes, government

  • Unemployment

What can we do
$$: What can we do?

For patrons:

  • Internet access, Wi Fi

  • Collection for the community: formats, etc.

  • Keep technology current

  • Staff current on technology, how it can be used

  • Review hours open

    For Library:

  • Evaluate how we spend

  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility

  • Collaborations—buying paper, etc

Communicate connect in new ways
Communicate/Connect in New Ways

  • IM widgets

  • Social networks

  • Web presence

  • Invite patrons to participate, create

Some other library projects
Some other library projects

  • Shawnee/Topeka County

    QR code scavenger hunt

  • DOK/Delft, the Netherlands

    “themes”; local history

  • Ann Arbor Library

    tagging catalog entries

  • CBPL—local history photos on Flickr

  • Shenandoah’s “Dirty Thirties” project

  • New Orleans PL, etc: Espresso Book Machine

Some ideas
Some ideas…

  • Have Social Presence

    Minimum: Facebook page

  • Support Mobile

    Minimum: mobile home page or qr codes

  • Downloadables

    Minimum: list of free ebook sites

  • 24/7/365 Service

    Minimum: EBSCOhost

  • Go Green

    Minimum: recycle paper, cartridges;Energy Audit

  • Keep up with changes, trends

    Minimum: follow a tech trends blog