Japan march 11 2011
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JAPAN March 11, 2011. Where are we? Where is Japan?. USA. USA. Seattle. JAPAN. Pacific Ocean. What natural disasters occurred in Japan last month?. A powerful Earthquake A devastating Tsunami. Where did the “Great Tohoku Earthquake” strike?.

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Japan march 11 2011

JAPANMarch 11, 2011

Where are we where is japan
Where are we? Where is Japan?





Pacific Ocean

What natural disasters occurred in japan last month
What natural disasters occurred in Japan last month?

  • A powerful Earthquake

  • A devastating Tsunami

Where did the great tohoku earthquake strike
Where did the “Great Tohoku Earthquake” strike?

In the Pacific Ocean, 45 miles from the Tohoku region. Sendai is a major city nearby.

How do earthquakes occur
How do earthquakes occur?

  • The Earth is not solid. It is made of different layers.

  • The outer layer is the “crust”. The crust is made up of tectonic plates.

  • The tectonic plates float on the liquid magma layer underneath. Sometimes they crash into each other.

Taken from http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/geology/tectonics.html

Do tectonic plates really move
Do tectonic plates really move?

  • Yes, over the last 750 million years, this is how they have moved…

Taken from http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/geology/tectonics.html

What happens when tectonic plates crash into each other
What happens when tectonic plates crash into each other?

  • Volcanoes can erupt, mountains can form

  • Earthquakes and sometimes tsunamis occur

  • There is often damage and destruction

What is happening here… ?

Taken from: http://home.comcast.net/~WilliamsPhillipston/geology/formation.htm

A real-life volcanic eruption of Kilauea in Hawaii

Taken from: http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/gallery/kilauea/volcanomovies/movies/Drainhole%20pistons

One of the beautiful Hawaiian islands

Taken from: http://www.adventure-travel.org.uk/img/hawaii_text.jpg

What is a tsunami how is it made
What is a Tsunami? How is it made?

  • It is a series of huge waves which occur after an undersea disturbance.

  • Like the ripples that happen after throwing a rock in water, the waves travel in all directions from the area of disturbance.

  • As the big waves approach the shallow waters along the coast, they grow to a great height and smash into the shore.

Earthquakes and tsunamis can cause major damage and destruction

Earthquakes and Tsunamis can cause major damage and destruction

Taken from the following website: http://www.tokyophotographers.com/2011/03/37-frames-great-tohoku-earthquake-tsunami-2011-japan-the-black-mouth-1.html

What problems did the earthquake and tsunami in japan cause
What problems did the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan cause?

  • to people?

  • to buildings (homes, schools, stores, places of work)?

  • to roads, bridges, power plants?

What are people doing in tohoku area now
What are people doing in Tohoku area now?

  • They are trying to be brave and strong.

  • They are working hard to take care of their families, the sick and the needy.

  • They are accepting help and donations from other parts of Japan & from around the world.

How can people help and support them
How can people help and support them?

  • People who are nearby can help with the relief effort. They can go to help clean up, rebuild homes, cook or distribute food, etc..

  • People who live far away can send donations of food, clothing, school supplies, medicine, etc..

  • People can also send letters and warm wishes of support and hope for rebuilding Japan. This will help brighten their spirit and help them know they are not alone.

The people whose homes have been destroyed need everything: shelter, food, clothing, medicine and hope!