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Homeroom Advisement PowerPoint Presentation
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Homeroom Advisement

Homeroom Advisement

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Homeroom Advisement

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  1. FUTURE CAREERS HOME MONEY SCHOOL PLAY COLLEGE HELP LIFE Homeroom Advisement Introduction and Directions

  2. How Does It Work? • There are two components to Advisement • In-Class Lessons During Homeroom • On-Line Quizzes for grades • Quizzes in Moodle ECONOMY HOME MONEY TAXES

  3. Moodle..What’s Moodle? On-Line QUIZ GRADE HELP Moodle is the on-line learning component of Warrior Wednesday? All Advisement quizzes will be given in Moodle.

  4. How do I get there? On-Line QUIZ GRADE HELP Moodle can be accessed in two ways. At school just type http://moodle2 in the address bar of Internet Explorer. From home enter into Internet Explorer or Firefox to access Moodle.

  5. How do I log into Moodle On-Line QUIZ GRADE HELP To login to Moodle Use the username and password that you use to login to computers at school. Username example: DG123456 Password example: password

  6. What’s an enrollment key On-Line QUIZ GRADE HELP You will be asked to enter an enrollment key to join the class. The enrollment keys are as follows:  (Case Sensitive) Freshman:          #WWfreshman18 Sophomore:       #WWsophomore17 Junior:                  #WWjunior16 Senior:                  #WWsenior15

  7. Moodle Main Page Click Here

  8. Moodle School Page Click Here

  9. Moodle Course Page On class for Advisement

  10. Login Page

  11. How Do I Do That Again? Go to http://moodle2 or Click on High Schools, Then Cherokee High, then Advisement Login using your username and password Enter your enrollment key Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 ECONOMY Step 4 HOME MONEY TAXES

  12. Assessments • Each grade level will have 3 assessments per semester. • You will only see assessments for your specific grade level ECONOMY HOME MONEY TAXES

  13. I still have questions! If you still have questions about Warrior Wednesday or problems with Moodle see one of the teachers listed here. ECONOMY HOME MONEY TAXES

  14. Stay Focused and on Target Your teachers are here to help you with Advisement

  15. First Assessment • The first assessment will be a student technology survey that will be linked on the Moodle site.

  16. Questions? More Information? Mr. Gagnon Room 417. Before/After School 4th or 6th Period