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SDL WorldServer 10.2. Introduction to Technical Training June 25, 2012. Agenda. Objectives What’s New? New features and key elements to consider Installation and Upgrade Resources Q&A. Introductions and Objective. Provide an O verview of WorldServer 2011 10.2 Release

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sdl worldserver 10 2

SDL WorldServer 10.2

Introduction to Technical Training

June 25, 2012

  • Objectives
  • What’s New?
    • New features and key elements to consider
  • Installation and Upgrade
  • Resources
  • Q&A
introductions and objective
Introductions and Objective
  • Provide an Overview of WorldServer 2011 10.2 Release
    • Tentative GA on 28 June 2012
  • Identify considerations for upgrading to and using WorldServer 2011 10.2
  • Identify resources for more information
worldserver 2011 10 2 theme overview
WorldServer 2011 10.2 Theme Overview
  • Intended to be a Minor Release
    • Only in the sense that it should not disrupt existing users in their existing implementation
      • MultiTerm becomes an available option, but WorldServer Terminology Database still available
      • Regulated Industry-related changes are transparent to existing user base (often need to be enabled)
  • Focuses on Clean Path:
    • Enables Regulated Industry (Pharma) vertical as a target market
      • WorldServer release to track to Studio’s companion release for Pharma
    • Enables MultiTerm standalone users to buy/utilize WorldServer
    • Enables moving TeamWorks customers to WorldServer
what s new
What’s New?
  • Regulated Industry Labeling Support
    • Processes built around Microsoft Word with Tracked Changes
    • Bilingual Word Document for Review
    • SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP2 (Companion Release)
      • And additional Studio compatibility enhancements
  • TM Enhancements
    • Support for penalizing TM for attribute mismatch with Studio Scoping Mode
    • Import SDLXLIFF or TTX into TM
  • SDL MultiTerm 2011 Integration
  • Other Enhancements
    • PDF Conversion, Garbage Collection, Browser Support
    • FTS Custom Segmentation Rules (Workaround)
sdl worldserver 2012 roadmap
SDL WorldServer 2012 Roadmap

WS 10.3

WS 10.2

WorldServer 10.2 (June)

Key Themes:

Microsoft Word (not just a file type anymore)

SDL MultiTerm Integration













WorldServer 10.3 (Dec/Jan)

Key Themes:

Studio compatibility enhancements

sdl worldserver 2011 10 2 chrysalis june 2012
SDL WorldServer 2011 10.2 "Chrysalis" (June 2012)

“Chrysalis” (WS 2011 10.2)













sdl worldserver 10 2 regulated industry labeling
SDL WorldServer 10.2 – Regulated Industry Labeling

Microsoft Word – Not just a File Type

support translation processes built on documents with tracked changes

simplified review with bilingual Word documents

support for conversion between Microsoft Word versions

key elements to consider conversion autoactions
Key Elements to Consider – Conversion Autoactions
  • Auto-actions need to be imported, but are supported (LIB)
    • Convert Office 2003 to 2007 (LIB)
    • Convert Office 2007 to 2003 (LIB)
    • /libraries/dist/
  • Not to be confused with “Office 2003 to OpenXML” (and vice-versa)
    • 10.2 versions are built to run in a workflow on a task-basis
    • Auto-actions with “OpenXML” in name are meant for one-time batch conversion
      • Standalone action, independent of assets/tasks
key elements to consider conversion autoactions1
Key Elements to Consider – Conversion Autoactions
  • Requires Microsoft Compatibility Pack
  • Requires ofc.exe from Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM)
    • From the setup, copy only /tools/ofc.exe into a system environment path
  • Read the description of the respective Auto-Actions
    • It provides some configuration info
    • e.g. workflow_daemon_task_types=Windows , None (in mixed cluster)
      • Windows requirement, Office 2007
  • KB Article also available on WorldServer Office Conversion
key elements to consider tracked changes
Key Elements to Consider – Tracked Changes
  • Who would want this?
  • Need to enable it in Filter Configuration
    • Tracked Changes Extraction Mode: Display Pending Changes
key elements to consider tracked changes1
Key Elements to Consider – Tracked Changes
  • Studio’s Microsoft Word 2007-2010 Filter now supports:
    • Tracked Changes and Comments
    • SDL Trados Studio is the best place to translate these types of documents
  • Translation Memory usage (when Tracked Changes exist):
    • TM Look-up: as if tracked changes accepted (pending)
      • Studio does look-up as if tracked changes are both accepted or rejected
    • Update TMs: will save as if tracked changes have already been accepted
  • Comments
    • Comments from Source are translatable
    • New comments made on target segments (from Studio or Bilingual Word) during translation are incorporated into segment comments
bilingual review document new export option
Bilingual Review Document – New Export Option
  • Export/Import like other Translation Kit formats
bilingual docx exchange properties
Bilingual Docx –
  • BilingualDocxFormat=false|true
  • bdx.segment.layout=TopDown|SideBySide
  • bdx.IceMatchColor=LightGray
  • bdx.ExactMatchColor=PaleGreen
  • bdx.FuzzyMatchColor=Wheat
  • bdx.NoMatchColor=White
key elements to consider bilingual word document
Key Elements to Consider – Bilingual Word Document

Setup and Intended Use

  • Only works with assets filtered by FTS (Studio Filters)
  • Needs to be enabled in properties
  • Intended to be Used for Review

Tracked Changes Usage and Bilingual Word Document

  • For Docx File Type only, source tracked changes are displayed properly
  • Target changes are Tracked Changes – impacts view in BWB
  • Updating TM – TM entry is as if tracked changes were accepted
  • Saving Target Asset
    • Docx: Tracked changes left as-is
    • Non-DOCX: target asset will be created as if all changes were accepted
  • Remember how tracked changes are displayed in Browser Workbench
key elements to consider bilingual word document1
Key Elements to Consider – Bilingual Word Document

Segment Comments

  • Segment comments made in Target Language column are incorporated
  • Can have multiple comments in a given segment
    • Get resolved into one segment comment in WorldServer
    • In SDL Trados Studio handles sub-segment comments individually


  • Only option available in the export UI for Bilingual Doc isSegments to Exclude
  • Updated segments’ status will be changed toNo Status (no flag color).
key elements to consider bilingual word document2
Key Elements to Consider – Bilingual Word Document
  • Changes are ignored (silently) when
    • No target language translation is available for a given segment prior to export
      • Made to source column text
  • Export a new Bilingual Document when making additional changes
    • Once imported, do not continue to make additional changes
    • Warning provided when importing twice
  • Additional Error-Handling, Messages and Warnings
    • Passed from the Core Component
key elements to consider packaging and retrofit
Key Elements to Consider – Packaging and Retrofit
  • Packaging of Files
    • Pharma folks will manually create a package (ZIP) of files – like source doc and docx, target doc and docx, with and without accepted changes, bilingual review document, PDFs, etc.
    • They send this to the Regulatory Committee for review and wait
  • Retrofit Requirement
    • After regulatory review, changes to TARGET ONLY in DOC may occur
    • Currently, have to visibly look at changes and add them back in to Studio kit or a new Bilingual Word Document
    • Then will want to save and update TM again
professional services pharma implementation requirements
Professional Services – Pharma Implementation Requirements
  • Workflow Definition and configuration
    • A WorldServer Workflow maps a business process, which is necessarily customer-specific
    • Out of the box, we ship the building blocks to handle the majority of use cases; these need to be implemented appropriately
    • The end-to-end business process may require some custom steps to be developed
  • Augmenting Context for TM Entries
    • WorldServer allows for the addition of metadata for Translation Units
    • This can be through configuring user-defined TM Attributes; or controlling how system-defined Attributes affect TM matching
      • Specifically, there may be a need to consider whether Path Normalization is required
  • Other Data Requirements
    • User account setup & Workflow Role definition
    • Import of Terminology Assets
    • Migration of Legacy Translation Data (bilingual format? Source & Target only?)
    • Definition of Custom Reports (dependent on the business need)
sdl trados studio 2011 sp2 july 2012
SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP2 – July 2012

SDL Studio changes for WorldServer Users

easier editing of WorldServer projects in Studio

get up and running more quickly when working with WorldServer project packages

tracked changes with Word


key elements to consider companion release required
Key Elements to Consider – Companion-release Required
  • Expect Features Enhancements to require both updated versions
    • SDL WorldServer 10.2 and SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP2
    • SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP2 is slated for mid-July
  • Managing multiple files as single entity
    • This only works for legacy filters because of an issue with SDLXLIFF
    • Plan to support this with SDLXLIFF in SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP3
  • Other Enhancements to SDL WorldServer TM provider plug-in
    • Supports TM look-up from Studio for region-neutral languages in WorldServer
    • Ability to control Studio kit verbosity – Recommend using defaults
key elements to consider source editing
Key Elements to Consider – Source Editing

SDL WorldServer does NOT support editing source during translation is not allowed

  • Disabled for enterprise packages

SDL Studio supports editing source during translation for:

  • Microsoft Word 2007-2010
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007-2010
sdl worldserver 10 2 tm enhancements
SDL WorldServer 10.2 – TM Enhancements

context in TMs means guaranteed matching

continued improvements to identify the right match based on TM context

import bilingual files into TM enabling ICE

key elements to consider tm enhancements
Key Elements to Consider – TM Enhancements
  • Attribute Mismatch Penalties for Studio Scoping Mode
    • Why is it important?
    • Penalty mismatch does not show-up in the kit (would have to be configured manually)
        • map_ais_property_to_same_named_tm_attribute=true
        • tm_score_metadata_mismatch_penalty=0.02
      • Scoring penalty does not pass to Studio (scoring mismatch – Studio re-runs analysis)
        • Plan to fix in 10.3
  • Building TMs with context matches through SDLXLIFF/TTX
    • Requires FTS
    • Can import multiple files in ZIP and types (SDLXLIFF/TTX only) concurrently
    • Need to evaluate whether path normalization is required for the customer
sdl worldserver 10 2 sdl multiterm 2011
SDL WorldServer 10.2 – SDL MultiTerm 2011

more options for sophisticated terminology management

supply chain integration sdl multiterm 2011
Supply Chain Integration – SDL MultiTerm 2011
  • What is the basis for the integration?
    • Allow SDL MultiTerm users to use SDL WorldServer
    • WorldServer TD still remains as the primary Terminology Tool for WorldServer customers
multiterm integration properties setup
MultiTerm Integration – Properties Setup
  • Refer to deeper technical session
  • Configuration Files – Not expecting changes are required
    • e.g. retry attempts
    • mapping between language sets
key elements to consider multiterm integration
Key Elements to Consider – MultiTerm Integration
  • Setting up Termbases
    • Will have to cross-map Termbase languages to WorldServer locales
    • Once mapped, it’s mapped permanently for that TD
    • Warnings will be provided for unmapped languages
      • During creation and on editing configuration
  • Known Restrictions
    • Read-only access to MultiTerm
      • Administrative functions (e.g. editing) still rely on MultiTerm Online or MultiTerm Desktop Tools
    • Can create TD Groups
      • No mixed types – e.g. both WS TD and MultiTerm Termbases (tbc - Nosa)
      • MultiTerm Termbases in a TD Group should come from a single server
    • Workflow Support
      • Not disabled, but limited by read-only mode
other important enhancements pdf conversion garbage collection localization browsers etc

Other Important Enhancements“PDF Conversion, Garbage Collection, Localization, Browsers, etc.”

sdl worldserver 10 2 more
SDL WorldServer 10.2 – More

support for PDF as an entry point for translation

enhanced control over performance and maintenance of your deployment

Chinese and Germanlocalized user interface

more options for browser choice

key elements to consider pdf
Key Elements to Consider – PDF
  • PDF Conversion
    • Why bother?
    • It’s not perfect
    • Still recommend using source files;this helps rebuild source files
  • Auto-action need to be imported, but is supported (LIB)
    • Convert PDF to Word 2007-2010 (LIB)
    • /libraries/dist/
    • FTS has Solid Documents component built-in
garbage collection
Garbage Collection
  • Garbage Collection
    • Separated from recurrences – you can’t delete it anymore
    • Refined controls for scheduling separate cleaners
localization chinese and german
Localization – Chinese and German
  • User Interface options
    • Chinese and German included in 10.2
  • Documentation/Online Help
    • German: 10.1 docs are included; Online Help available only in English
    • Chinese: none; available only in English
  • Post-10.2 Release (tentatively August)
    • Updated 10.2 German Docs/Help
    • New 10.2 Chinese Docs/Help
fts custom segmentation rules
FTS Custom Segmentation Rules
  • 10.2 offers a “back-end” solution for custom segmentation rules with FTS
    • Developed in 10.1 hotfix
    • Limitation: Applies globally to all projects
  • How do I use it?
    • Create Language Resource Template in SDL Trados Studio
    • Deploy in FTS server file path
    • Restart FTS Server
  • Future(NOT in this release):
    • Plan to expose fuller functionality in SDL WorldServer 10.3
updated browser qualifications
Updated Browser Qualifications
  • 10.2 newly qualified on:
    • Internet Explorer 9 and FireFox 10 (ESR)
  • Changing the message from supported to qualified
    • Qualified means we tested WorldServer on these platforms
    • We know WorldServer is primarily a Java-based application
      • It should work on other/later versions of the qualified product
    • Customers can submit tickets and we will plan to address/triage/fix, if possible
      • Sometimes, it will be the third-party vendor’s responsibility
      • There are always exceptions
other enhancements and fixes in 10 2
Other Enhancements and Fixes in 10.2
  • Over 70 bug fixes in this release
  • Other Changes and Activities:
    • Documents exist on how to run both ScopeServer and JasperReports concurrently
    • Qualified with NFS AIS Mounts for Linux
    • Capture Environment Info in Log
    • 5 Out-of-Box Reports were Updated
installation and upgrades
Installation and Upgrades
  • If the customer has not upgraded to 10.1, same major items still apply
    • See 10.1 Release Notes and Install and Upgrade Guides
    • Java 6, Tomcat 6
    • Custom Reports need to be ported (due to ScopeServer JasperReports)
  • Updated 5 out-of-box reports for JasperReports
    • Separate Training session
    • See KB article: WorldServer Report Center Upgrades for 10.2and WorldServer Installation Guide
  • Additional Webinars
    • 18 June – Studio and WorldServer for Pharma Webinar (recorded)
    • 19 June – External WorldServer Roadmap Webinar (recorded – INTERNAL ONLY)
    • 25 June – Internal Intro Technical Training (recorded)
    • TBD June – Additional Technical Training Sessions (recorded)
    • Tentative: 10 July – External 10.2 Customer Webinar (recorded)
    • Tentative: TBD July – Internal Sales Training (recorded)
  • Where to go for more info
    • Documentation (included with release)
    • Tech Support –
    • KnowledgeBase –
    • Product Help –
    • Enhancement Ideas and Feedback –
    • Your Friendly Neighborhood Product Manager, Product Owner, or Product Marketing Manager
sdl worldserver 10 2 key takeaways
SDL WorldServer 10.2 Key Takeaways
  • For our customers:
    • Significant value based on Word with tracked changes, Bilingual Review Doc
    • More options in terminology, browsers, and with TMs
    • Many other important and useful enhancements
      • e.g. Garbage Collection, Studio compatibility enhancements, 70+ fixes, etc.
  • Internal focuses:
    • Revenue Generation through Pharma/Regulated Industry
    • Revenue Sustainment (PSMA) through TeamWorks Migration Enablement
sdl worldserver

SDL WorldServer

SDL WorldServer 10.2 Introductory Technical Training

Tim Lee


where do i get it
Where do I get it?
  • Customer Announcements will provide info
  • FTP site
    • Login: guest
    • Password: worldserver
  • Includes:
    • WorldServer 2011 10.2 for Windows and UNIX
    • File Type Support Server
    • Apache Tomcat 6 (32- and 64-bit) for Windows and UNIX
    • WorldServer 2011 10.2 SDK Distribution
    • Release Notes, Admin Guide, Install Guide and Studio Integration Guide
when can i get it
When can I get it?
  • On-Premise Customers
    • Can download immediately after GA and upgrade on their own schedule
    • Contact Professional Services for assistance at
  • Hosted (On-Demand) Customers
    • Upgrades to be scheduled
    • Please send requests to Amy Ferguson ( in Client Services
future releases
Future Releases
  • SDL WorldServer 10.3 (Dec/Jan)
    • Focuses on additional Studio Compatibility Enhancements (Direct Package Return, Live TM, Project/Task Metadata Sharing)
    • Aforementioned FTS Custom Segmentation Rules
  • SDL WorldServer 11.0 (2013 – TBD)
    • Still expecting to EOL TTX and XLZ
    • Not planning to continue qualifying on WebLogic or SUSE Linux