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Information Day 27th August 2003 ENERGIE INTELLIGENTE - EUROPE PowerPoint Presentation
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Information Day 27th August 2003 ENERGIE INTELLIGENTE - EUROPE

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Information Day 27th August 2003 ENERGIE INTELLIGENTE - EUROPE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Day 27th August 2003 ENERGIE INTELLIGENTE - EUROPE
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Information Day27th August 2003ENERGIE INTELLIGENTE - EUROPE William GILLETT Deputy Head of Unit New and Renewable Energies European Commission Directorate General for Energy and Transport

  2. Sustainable energy in EU policies • Local and regional development Environment Reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutants (acid rain, etc.) Economic and social cohesion Security of supply Local job creation Reducing imports

  3. Coherent Energy Actions RES, RUE and Clean Transport EU Policies and Targets Directives and Legislation Market development, Certification, Planning, Financing, Promotion Research, Development, and Demonstration of Technology Integrated projects, Specific Targeted Research Projects, Co-ordination Actions, Specific Support Actions

  4. EU Energy Policy Papers • COM on Green Paper on Security of Energy Supply (Jun 2002) • White Paper on Common Transport Policy (Oct. 2001) • White Paper on Renewable Energy Sources (Nov. 1997) • Action plan to improve Energy Efficiency in the EU (April 2000) • Renewable Electricity Directive 2001/77/EC (Sept 2001) • Directive on Buildings Energy Performance (Dec 2002) • COM on Alternative Fuels - 2 Biofuel Directives (Nov 2001) • Proposed CHP (“Co-generation”) Directive (July 2002)

  5. EU policies & Targets (1) RES-e DIRECTIVE2001 : to establisha framework to increase the share of green electricityfrom 14% to 22% of gross electricity consumption by 2010 RES White paper 1997: increase share of RES from 6% to 12% of gross consumption by 2010 Directive on liquid biofuels targets: 2% by 2005; 5.75% by 2010 Action plan for Energy Efficiency target: to reduce energy intensity by a further 1 % point per year until 2010

  6. EU Policies & Targets (2) Draft directive on cogeneration of heat and power. Directive on the energy performances of buildings: saving potential of 22%. Comply with EU commitments under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions Johannesburg “coalition of the willing” to work to increase the use of RES using targets and timetables

  7. Vertical key actions: to tackle non-technological barriers SAVE STEER ALTENER COOPENER • Multiplying success in buildings • Retrofitting of social houses • Innovative approaches in industry • Transforming the market: Energy Efficient Equipment and Products • RES-Electricity • RES-Heat • Small Scale RES Applications • Alternative fuels and vehicles • Alternative fuels and vehicles • Policy measures for and efficient use of energy in transport • Strengthening the knowledge of local management agencies in the transport field • Create an enabling policy and legislative environment for energy services in developing countries • Strengthen local energy expertise and build human capital in the developing countries Energie Intelligente - Europe

  8. SAVE STEER ALTENER COOPENER Sustainable Energy Communities Think globally, act locally Financing mechanisms & Incentives Monitoring & Evaluation Dissemination & Promotion Energie Intelligente - Europe Horizontal key actions

  9. Sustainable Energy Communities Increase awareness, mobilize local energy actors, change mentalities Address barriers to local energy systems Actions to prepare establishment of SECs Energie Intelligente - Europe

  10. EU Member States Developing Country Governments European Commission NGO’s Development Banks Private Sector COOPENER - EU Energy InitiativePartnerships with Developing Countries (Develop local policies, regulations, knowledge and skills, to provide sustainable energy services for poverty alleviation in urban, peri-urban and rural areas)

  11. The decision on the programme was adopted by the Council on 16 June 2003 23 June - consolidated version of the Decision end of June - signature of the Decision beginning of July - publication in the OJ July - unofficial committee meeting September / October launch Call for proposals Early 2003 - proposals submission deadline EIE PROGRAMME - NEXT STEPS