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Foundation For Foster Care

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Foundation For Foster Care - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Foundation For Foster Care . A Film by Melanie and Louisa . Pitch. This film is about the Foundation For Foster Children, an organization making a difference, by providing foster kids with programs and the necessary tools for a positive present and future. . Opening Sequence .

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foundation for foster care

Foundation For Foster Care

A Film by Melanie and Louisa


This film is about the Foundation For Foster Children, an organization making a difference, by providing foster kids with programs and the necessary tools for a positive present and future.

opening sequence
Opening Sequence
  • Introducing the problem:
    • Did you know?
      • There are over 1500 foster youth in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties
      • Nearly 70% of foster children will leave high school without a degree
      • Only 3% of foster children will earn college degree by age 25
      • Over 20% of foster children will become homeless after age 18
      • 40% to 60% of young foster women will become pregnant within 12 to 18 months after leaving foster care

* “Did you know?” will be solid text, while the following facts will appear one by one as written script, using the stroke tool on After Effects.

opening sequence cont
Opening Sequence Cont.
  • Clip from a Keynote speaker filmed on 11/2/12
    • Former foster youth herself
      • “I don’t enjoy telling my story…. The support we must give to these suffering children….”
  • Insert Title: The Foundation For Foster Children
    • Subtitle: improving the lives of foster children
      • (This will be animated with the stroke tool in AE)
  • Insert “A CMC Production”
act 1 intro
Act 1: Intro
  • Introducing the Foundation:
    • Mission Statement: To enrich the lives of children placed in foster care due to abuse and neglect by providing opportunities that nurture their ability to succeed both as individuals and contributing members of our community. (animated text) (B-roll Images)
  • Interview with Betsey Bell (Executive Director)
    • Discussing basics of what they do/why it’s important
    • Flashing in and out of B-roll of children playing and interacting with one another (Clips #4, #8, #16)(10/14/12 & 11/2/12)
introduction of characters
Introduction of Characters:

(explaining how they initially got involved)

  • James Interview (11/2/12)
    • 16 year foster child who has been in the system since he was 2. Has been involved in many of the Foundation’s programs. This includes support for his pursuits in sports (dreams to attend Florida State and run track) and academics (kept a 3.1 GPA last year). Humorous/warm personality and an understanding of what the Foundation has done for him
  • Jessica Interview (10/14/12)
  • Group of girls explaining how they got involved with the foundation (10/14/12)

(Short intro of each interview – All A-roll)

act 2 programs
Act 2: Programs
  • Back to interview with Betsy
    • Discusses the different programs provided:
      • Financial benefits (allowing foster children to participate in sports, arts, cultural events, and receive educational tutoring)
      • Emergency Duffel (basic personal hygiene items)
      • Housewarming Basket (When 18, they receive a laundry basket filled with linens, household items)
      • Celebration Club (custom cake and birthday gift)

Mix of both A-roll and B-roll (B-roll clips #7, #20, #15, #16)

- * 2 young foster boys showing us what they got in their bags

act 2 programs1
Act 2: Programs
  • Interview with James (11/2/12)
    • He positively talks about what the foundation has done for him
      • Provided him with the necessary equipment to participate on his high school varsity athletic teams
        • (Include B-Roll of James playing basketball)
  • Interview with Jessica (10/14/12)
    • She explains how the foundation provided her with an instruments so that she could play in her schools band
    • She also talks about how they helped financially supported her when purchasing a homecoming dress
      • B-Roll (we are trying to get photos of these two occasions)
act 3 fundraising
Act 3: Fundraising
  • Back to Interview with Betsy…
    • She discusses fundraiser events
      • Foster Family Fun Fest (10/14/12)
        • B-roll of the festivities
          • *Clip with Jessica and her foster brothers (#13)
      • Chez Couture (11/2/12)
        • B-roll of the fundraiser
          • Footage of auction items (#33, #37)
          • Footage of Foundation For Foster Children signs (#30)
          • Footage of Foster Children on the runway (#42 - #66)
            • *James on Runway
          • Footage of sponsors
            • *Jessica sitting with her foster dad waiting to give her speech (# 39)
act 4 scholarship opportunities
Act 4: Scholarship Opportunities
  • Back to interview with Betsy
    • She discusses scholarship opportunities
  • Jessica interview (10/14/12)
    • She talks about how she had just submitted a paper to the foundation in hopes of winning a specific scholarship… (Blue Ribbon Circle Award) (clip #11)
    • She is chosen for the scholarship and gives a speech at the Chez Couture fundraiser (11/2/12)
      • Include footage of her speech (highlighting all of the donors clapping) (Clip #40)
act 5 call to action
Act 5: Call to action
  • Keynote Speaker:
    • Final Impacting quote
  • Faster clips of previous characters telling us to help/ how to make a difference:
        • Betsy
        • James/Jessica
        • Other speakers (Foundation president from speech @ fundraiser) Clip #71

(A-roll of speakers intermixed with B-roll)

- this is to demonstrate moving ahead, and success stories, that have stemmed from the foundation

closing sequence
Closing Sequence

End with the Foundation For Foster Children Logo


“On my honor, I have not given, nor received,

nor witnessed any unauthorized assistance on

this work.”

Louisa Fruehauf, Melanie Roth