your house hunting trip getting ready n.
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Your House Hunting Trip Getting Ready PowerPoint Presentation
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Your House Hunting Trip Getting Ready

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Your House Hunting Trip Getting Ready

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Your House Hunting Trip Getting Ready

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  1. Your House Hunting TripGetting Ready Kathy Pilon, Broker Realty Executives Cold Lake 5308 50Ave, Cold Lake, AB T9M 1P5 780-815-0888

  2. Preparing Getting Ready

  3. Home Loan Pre-Approval Getting your financial ducks in a row.

  4. 3 Key Benefits to Loan Pre-Approval • 1. You Know Exactly How Much Home You Can Afford (eliminates wasted time looking at homes that are under or over your price range) • 2. You Get the Best Financing (lowest rate, down payment, monthly payment, cash out of pocket for costs, etc.) • 3. You Can Make a Stronger Offer (You get the power of immediate action; you can beat out other buyers, and we can negotiate the lowest price and terms) This saves you time, money & places you in a strong position when making an offer.

  5. Consider these two offers… X Which offer would you accept?

  6. …Assess your needs, wants & wishes… • Location & Neighborhood • Size & type of home • Number of bedrooms & bathrooms • Schools • Garage • How much work do you want to do • When are you planning on selling • Fireplace • Backing onto trees • Formal Dining What is most important for YOU?

  7. Are there any special requirements? • Advise me of any special housing requirements you may have prior to arrival. IE special school or medical needs, if you require fenced yard, day-care, or have second language concerns etc This saves you time & helps me understand your needs.

  8. Set you up with our VIP Buyer Service… • The MLS offers ALL homes for sale from ALL real estate companies For you to preview • Your criteria is entered into the MLS • You are automatically sent homes that match your criteria

  9. All Hot NEW ListingsEmailed To You Daily

  10. Review MLS • Send the MLS #’s of the homes you want to visit prior to your arrival for me to review and comment on. This will make more efficient use of your time while on your HHT Which houses do you want to see?

  11. Where to stay? Arrange for accommodations. I have a list of recommendations if required.

  12. Do you require childcare? Please let me know if you are bringing small children and if any special arrangements will need to be made.

  13. What to bring with you… Ready…..Set……GO!

  14. Your Pre-Approval Information… • Bring the contact information for your lender (phone, fax & email) • Bring your pre-approved mortgage certificate. As the saying goes…Be Prepared!

  15. If you decide to shop for a lender while on your HHT, bring along… • A valid copy of your posting message. • A copy of your most recent mid-month pay statement showing all entitlements and deductions. • Proof of down payment. This should be either a copy of your current bank statement or bank book, or if your funds are in an RRSP, Term Deposit, Mutual Funds or some other form of investment, be sure and bring a statement showing all the particulars. • If the down payment is coming from the equity in your present home please bring a copy of your most recent mortgage statement showing, the balance outstanding, the term, monthly payments, interest rate etc. If your home has sold but the sale has not yet been completed be sure and bring a copy of the Contract of Purchase and Sale, plus copies of any amendments showing the removal of any and all "subject to conditions". • If you have any outstanding personal obligations such as car loans, credit card balances etc. please be sure and bring statements showing your current balance and repayment schedule.

  16. Have deposit funds ready… • Please have your deposit funds pre transferred into your account so you don’t have to worry about savings transfers, mutual fund withdrawals or having to try pulling cash out on ATM cards • . A cheque or bank draft works best.

  17. Bring Cheque for Deposit • Purchase contract require a deposit. The amount of the deposit varies. IE: $500.00 could be the minimum or it could be $5000. If building a new home more may be required.

  18. Bring a Camera • Bring along your camera to take images of the home you purchase, however keep in mind you will only able to take pictures once there is an accepted offer and only with the home owners permission. It will be great to show everyone at home.

  19. Home Inspection • Bring your cheque book to pay for the Home Inspector. • In Cold Lake Home Inspections are approximately $500.00. Peace of Mind

  20. Professional Networking • I network with other professionals, many of whom provide services that you may need. • Due to legal liability, I hesitate to recommend a certain individual or company over another, but I do know which vendors have a reputation for efficiency, competency and competitive pricing. • I can, however, give you a list of references with whom I have worked and provide background information to help you make a wise selection. For Example: • Lawyers • Mortgage Brokers • Home Inspectors • Doctors • Dentists etc

  21. Does your spouse want to work right away? • If applicable, have your spouse bring along their resume to leave with potential employers.

  22. Don’t forget to bring slip-on shoes… Makes life much easier!

  23. Other things to do..... • You may have time to look for Doctors, Orthodontists & Schools • Set-up mail, phone, utility hook-ups

  24. Have fun shopping! Check out my VIP Buyer Presentation!

  25. Presented by:Realty Executives Cold Lake Kathy Pilon 780-815-0888 5308 50 Ave, Cold Lake, AB T9M 1P5