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The Truth About Online Learning

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The Truth About Online Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Truth About Online Learning. Find out if Online Learning is right for you!. Agenda. Introduction – Who is Lifetime Learning Myths and Reality of Online Learning Online Basics – How it Works! Pro’s and Con’s FAQ’s Cost / Funding Finding the Right Fit!. Introduction – Lifetime Learning.

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the truth about online learning

The Truth About Online Learning

Find out if Online Learning is right for you!

  • Introduction – Who is Lifetime Learning
  • Myths and Reality of Online Learning
  • Online Basics – How it Works!
  • Pro’s and Con’s
  • FAQ’s
  • Cost / Funding
  • Finding the Right Fit!
introduction lifetime learning
Introduction – Lifetime Learning
  • Helping Educators for 30+ years
  • Excellent Reputation w/(Private/Accredited Universities)
  • Great Relationships with Schools, Districts and Professional Learning Communities
  • Support offered with review, selection and University acceptance
  • Lifetime Learning services are FREE!
  • Ultimate Benefit of Finding the Online Degree Program that is Right for YOU!
myths and reality about online learning
Myths and Reality About Online Learning
  • The Value of an Online degree is less than a Traditional Degree
    • Degrees are awarded by Universities not divisions (your diploma does not indicate online)
  • I won’t get as much out of an online class as I would attending one in person
    • While the interaction is quite a bit different online, you certainly won’t be missing out on any content or interaction. You will still participate in active discussions with the Instructor and other classmates it will simply be via chat and discussion boards rather than in person
myths and reality about online learning1
Myths and Reality About Online Learning
  • Online Learning is Easier
    • Don’t be fooled in to believing online learning is any easier. It offers the freedom of convenience and flexibility; however it maintains the same curriculum and content standards. Self discipline is very important.
  • I Have to be a Computer Expert to be successful at online learning
    • On the contrary, The online classes are set up to be very user friendly and Lifetime Learning offers extra support with first day of class walkthroughs
online basics how it works
Online Basics – How it Works!

All the same academic rules apply including, curriculum, attendance, participation and homework. The only difference is all of this you will accomplish from your home or office on your computer verses physically attending a classroom at the campus. Here are some basics and an example of what that looks like and how it works.

For a classroom demonstration from one of our partnering Universities, please click here: Login: DEMO, Password: DEMO

online basics how it works1
Online Basics – How it Works!
  • Curriculum
    • Same as traditional campus classes ( converted to online text)
    • Meets same State and National requirements for School Accreditation
  • Structure
    • Traditional Semester Courses Condensed to 4,8,12 week durations
    • Manageable workload with classes taken 1 at a time (optional accelerated pace available)
online basics how it works2
Online Basics – How it works!
  • Format
    • Homework – submitted weekly (typically Sunday by midnight)
    • Attendance – Students typically required to log in 3- 4 times weekly or as needed
    • Participation – Active class discussions with instructor and other students in class (models live discussion in the classroom)
some pro s and con s to the online learning format



Individualized and Accelerated pace

Higher earning potential (avg. 1-3 yr completion time)

24/7 classroom access and tech support

Online support system


Cost typically slightly higher than local campus

Self discipline and time management

Too accelerated

No face to face interaction

Some Pro’s and Con’s to the Online Learning Format
faq s
  • What are the benefits of going to school online?
    • The answer is simple, flexibility and ease. Online Education allows you to work full time, and continue to take on extra responsibilities, while attending school full time.
faq s1
  • How do online courses work?
    • A typical online format is one class at a time for 4,8,or 12 weeks in length. You go to class when it is convenient for you whether it be the middle of the night or during your lunch break. You receive all assignments when you get your syllabus your first day of class allowing you to work ahead if you wish.
faq s2
  • Do I need to buy a web cam to communicate with my instructor?
    • No, most program will conduct all communications asynchronously via email and the online discussion board.
  • Do I have to log in at certain times or a specific number of times each week?
    • This will vary by University and program, however the average requirement is typically 3 – 4 times a week or whatever is necessary to complete your assignments within the time allotted for the week.
faq s3
  • Do I need to buy additional software to complete the assignments?
    • Students need only have the Microsoft Office suite of software for each course. If the University or program requires anything it is minimal, make sure to ask your advisor for details.
  • How much time will I spend each week on my class?
    • Most online classes average 5-10 hours per week at the undergraduate level, or 10-15 hours per week at the graduate level. You don’t spend all that time online, however. The estimate also includes completing course reading assignments, doing research, and working on that week’s project. Time will also vary based on your comfort level.
finding the right fit
Finding the Right Fit
  • Set the right expectations
    • Convenience and flexibility does not mean easy
    • Same curriculum and content as the classroom so be realistic about the time commitment (average 5-15 hours a week)
    • Ask about traditional scheduling options and accelerated to determine the best fit for you and your lifestyle
  • Be Cautious
    • Always be wary of quick gimmicks promising degrees too quickly. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.
    • Always verify a schools validity and history.
finding the right fit1
Finding the Right Fit
  • What to look for?

#1 Accreditation: Make sure the University you are interested in is Regionally Accredited

Know the difference between National and Regional Accreditation (Credit Transferability)

      • Verify state approval for Education programs (credentials and licensure requirements)

Do your Research

Useful links to verify accreditation

  • The cost for Online Learning will vary dramatically by school. Some Universities will break it down by credit hour, semester or even blocks of time.
  • The average range per credit hour is typically 300 – 500 depending on the level of degree and the program. Your Lifetime Learning representative can help break down the cost as it relates to your specific area of interest
  • Textbooks
  • Waived Fee’s
funding options
Funding Options
  • Financial Aid
    • Grants
    • Student Loans
  • Cash/Credit
  • Scholarships
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Direct Bill
      • (You can also attend our Funding for college seminar or contact your Lifetime Learning representative to learn more about the new specific grant and scholarship opportunities just recently introduced in 2008)
next steps
Next Steps
  • Question and Answer session? Ask me more about online learning and how Lifetime Learning can help you find the right program.
  • I am available to assist each of you one on one, I will help you review, select and gain acceptance to an online degree program from one of our several University partners.
      • Contact Info Listed Below
      • 1-866-564-0254