french imperialism in indochina n.
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French Imperialism in Indochina

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French Imperialism in Indochina - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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French Imperialism in Indochina. Michael Price. Core 1. Core 2. *Anything gold is hyperlinked throughout PowerPoint. Core 1. French Motives of Imperialism in Indochina. French Methods of Imperialism in Indochina. Map of Indochina. Motives Behind French Imperialism.

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Core 1

Core 2

*Anything gold is hyperlinked throughout PowerPoint

core 1
Core 1



of Imperialism in Indochina



of Imperialism in Indochina

Map of Indochina

motives behind french imperialism
Motives Behind French Imperialism
  • New markets overseas (tin, coal, cotton, rice, pepper, etc.)
  • Expansion of French economy and trade
  • Promote capitalism around the world



  • Expansion of French territory and overseas empire


  • Spread of Catholicism
french methods of imperialism
French Methods of Imperialism


Direct Control


France controlled the daily activities of government in the Indochina colonies through white French officials.

French language became official language of Indochina, and a

capitalist economy was established. Indochinese subjects were expected to dress, behave, speak, etc. as the French would

French often treated subjects like children, believing they were unable to govern themselves.

Jules Ferry on French Colonial Expansion

One of many French Indochina flags

jules ferry on french imperialism
Jules Ferry on French Imperialism:

Jules Ferry was the Prime Minister of France from 1880-1881 and from 1883-1885 and was a strong supporter of French colonial expansion.

core 2
Core 2






Map of Vietnam in relation to Indochina

vietnam gaining independence
Vietnam Gaining Independence
  • During WWII Japan had control of Indochina
  • France took it back when the war ended
  • Vietnam declared independence in 1945, but French resisted
  • Ho Chi Minhled rebellion against France in 1946
  • Fighting between French and Viet Minh occurred from 1946-1954
  • May 1954, French surrendered at Dien Bien Phu
  • Geneva Peace Conference gave Vietnam its independence but divided it at the 17th parallel
  • Ho Chi Minh was given control of North Vietnam and pro-French Vietnamese were given control of South Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh giving a speech with the Vietnamese flag waving behind him.

ho chi minh
Ho Chi Minh
  • Grew up under French oppression, fueled his anger and reputation as a troublemaker
  • Leader of the Vietnam independence communist movement
  • Founder of the Viet Minh
  • Did not care how much violence it took to achieve his goals
    • Perfected the art of guerilla warfare
    • "You can kill 10 of my men for every one I kill of yours, yet even at those odds, you will lose and I will win." 
  • His leadership helped defeat France, and later the United States
viet minh
Viet Minh
  • Coalition that wanted a communist independent Vietnam
  • Founded by Ho Chi Minh
  • Fought French using guerilla war tactics
  • Received assistance from communist China and Soviet Union
  • Known for relentless and brutal warfare

A group of eight Viet Minh

dien bein phu
Dien Bein Phu
  • Final battle of the French vs. Viet Minh
  • March 13 – May 8, 1954
  • Viet Minh attacked the French stronghold at Dien Bien Phu
  • Great opportunity for Viet Minh
    • Out in the open, surrounded by mountains
  • Ho Chi Minh surrounded the base with 40,000 troops and heavy artillery
    • Outnumbered the French 13,000 troops
  • French gave up after 57 days of battering
  • Symbolized the end of French influence in Indochina

Viet Minh watch French supplies being dropped into DienBeinPhu

Footage from Dien Bien Phu

footage from dien bien phu
Footage From Dien Bien Phu

Primary source video of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu and the French surrender that followed

modern vietnam
Modern Vietnam




Relationship between French Imperialism and Modern Vietnam

effects of french imperialism on modern vietnam
Effects of French Imperialism on Modern Vietnam
  • French imperialism gave rise to the Viet Minh
  • Allowed Ho Chi Minh to gain power
    • Established communist government that exists today
    • Led Vietnam to victory against U.S. in Vietnam War
    • Seen as a hero in Vietnam today
  • Many French buildings remain today

Hammer and sickle is the international symbol of communism

  • Single party system
    • Communist Party of Vietnam
  • Socialist Republic
  • Reputation for repressing human rights
  • Civil Law System
    • European style law system
  • National Congress elects officials
  • President Truong Tan Sang
    • Elected in 2011
  • Capital city of Hanoi
  • Country broken up into 58 provinces

Flag of Vietnam

  • GDP per capita of $3,600
    • 170 ranking in the world
    • 2012 estimate
  • Economy rapidly growing
  • Currency of the Dong
    • 1 Dong = $.000047
  • Focus economy on agriculture and industry
    • Rice, coffee, rubber, tea, pepper, cashews, sugar cane, etc.
    • Food processing, shoes, mining, glass, tires, cell phones, oil, etc.
  • 49.18 million labor force
  • Decreasing unemployment rate
    • 4.3% in 2012, 2.3% in 2013

Vietnamese Dongs

  • 89.3 million current citizens
  • Official language is Vietnamese
    • English second
  • 80% of population have no religion
  • Largest city is Ho Chi Minh city with 5.976 million people
  • 72.65 life expectancy
  • 1.78% obesity rate
  • 11.3% poverty rate
  • 93.4% literacy rate
  • Growing HIV/AIDS problem

Ho Chi Minh City

Population Graph


This graph shows the growing number of people in Vietnam being affected by HIV over the course of 21 years. As you can see, the HIV rate has been on a steady rise since 1990.


This chart from 2013 shows the number of people living in Vietnam from different age groups. You can see that Vietnamese most populated age group in those in their twenties.