hud vash broadcast february 10 2009 hud presentation n.
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HUD-VASH Broadcast February 10, 2009 HUD Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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HUD-VASH Broadcast February 10, 2009 HUD Presentation

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HUD-VASH Broadcast February 10, 2009 HUD Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HUD-VASH Broadcast February 10, 2009 HUD Presentation. Portability . Two types of portability in HUD-VASH based on which VAMC that will provide case management. Referring VAMC or a VAMC in another part of the country. When the referring VAMC provides case management:.

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  • Two types of portability in HUD-VASH based on which VAMC that will provide case management.
  • Referring VAMC or a VAMC in another part of the country.
when the referring vamc provides case management
When the referring VAMC provides case management:
  • Veteran can live in the jurisdiction of another PHA if the referring VAMC can provide case management.
  • Receiving PHA must bill initial PHA.
  • HUD 50058 of the receiving PHA must use HUD-VASH code (VASH) at 2n and complete 12e (billing amount) and 12f (initial PHA’s code.)
when a vamc other than the referring vamc would provide case management
When a VAMC other than the referring VAMC would provide case management
  • New VAMC must be able to provide case management.
  • New VAMC’s partnering PHA must have available HUD-VASH voucher.
  • Receiving PHA must absorb the family.
portability attachment
Portability Attachment
  • On our website, there will be an attachment that can be used for short-distance portability cases that will notify the receiving PHA of its responsibilities under the HUD-VASH program.
project basing
  • HUD is in the process of issuing a notice on project-basing HUD-VASH vouchers.
  • Once notice is issued, PHAs interested in project-basing HUD-VASH vouchers must submit requests in accordance with the established guidelines.
administrative fees
Administrative Fees
  • Administrative fees are based on the unit months leased as reported in the Voucher Management System (VMS)
  • Administrative fees are advanced on a quarterly basis.
  • Amount advanced is based on the most recent validated quarter of VMS data. For example:

Oct – Dec advance based on VMS data as of 6/30/08.

administrative fees1
Administrative Fees
  • PHAs have been provided administrative fees through September 2008 for the actual number of HUD-VASH vouchers under lease (as reported in VMS).
  • There will be a final year-end reconciliation, so that PHAs will receive funding based on actual number of units under-lease (as reported in VMS), regardless of the amount of fees that were advanced .
questions and answers
Questions and Answers

Question: Can a PHA deny assistance to a HUD-VASH referral because someone in the family owes the PHA money?

Answer: No. There are only two reasons that a PHA may deny admission to a HUD-VASH referral: over-income, a family member is subject to a lifetime registration requirement under a state sex offender registration program.

questions and answers1
Questions and Answers

Question: Who determines if a family should be terminated due to failure to participate in case management ?

Answer: It is up the VA case manager to determine if a family is failing to comply with case management. It is the responsibility of the PHA to terminate assistance based on verification from the VA case manager.

questions and answers2
Questions and Answers

Question: Does the PHA have any role in determining or verifying the veteran’s homeless status?

Answer: No, only the VA will make that determination.

questions and answers3
Questions and Answers
  • HUD-VASH Questions and Answers can be found at:

  • Document will be updated following today’s broadcast.
  • Accurate reporting in VMS and PIC is imperative.
  • VA is collecting data on a monthly basis (# of referrals, # of vouchers issued, # of families under lease), and these numbers continue to be significantly higher than what is reported in PIC.
  • Please review VMS submissions and PIC ad-hoc reports to ensure data submitted is correct.