how to copy and paste on a macbook air in various n.
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MacBook Air Customer Support Phone Number 18008341377 PowerPoint Presentation
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MacBook Air Customer Support Phone Number 18008341377

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MacBook Air Customer Support Phone Number 18008341377 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are not able to solve Internet connection issues with MacBook Air, you should call online Macbook Air Customer Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 to get best technical answers immediately.nnVisit here: -n

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how to copy and paste on a macbook air in various



Macs are wonderful devices but since many of us are more familiar to Windows operating

system, we feel little out of reach when we handle Mac air devices or Mac OS. It is because

many basic functions are different in two operating systems. For instance someone who

finds it quite easy to copy and paste in Windows may find it bit difficult on a MacBook air.

Read the following few important steps if you want to learn how to copy and paste on a

MacBook air device. And still if you face any type of technical difficulty regarding how to

copy and paste on a MacBook Air in different ways, then you should connect with Macbook

Air Customer Support team to get best expert advice or free technician help. Online apple

support technical team is always available to help you, if you are into tough situations


Using Keyboard Method:-

Select the pictures and text you want to copy and paste. Highlight the content you want to

copy and paste by dragging the cursor over the content. Locate the command key. If you are

using old Macs, the command key looks like Apple logo but if you are using new Mac

devices, the command key looks like looped square logo. This key must be located below

the exit key. Press down the command key and simultaneously press C key to copy the

content. Now, simultaneously press command key and V key to paste the content.

using right click method

Using Right-Click Method:-

Select and drag over the text content you want to copy. Press control key on the keyboard

and simultaneously press the mouse click. Right-clicking will bring up Options menu. From

the menu, choose the “Copy” option. This is somewhat similar to choosing the options from

the Edit menu found in Microsoft Word or similar platform. Using the mouse, press right-

click and select Paste option from the menu.

In this way, you will be able to copy and paste content in Mac Air devices. For any query or

technical issue regarding your Mac device, you should call at toll free Macbook Air

Support Number 1-800-834-1377 to get free online help or best technical support from

certified apple support professionals. Online apple support experts are very technical

knowledgeable and expertise to guide you step by step over technical matters. They are

much trained, smartly knowledge and skilled for making your device faster and efficient.

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