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Digital marketing company | online marketing : Go Digital. PowerPoint Presentation
Digital marketing company | online marketing : Go Digital.

Digital marketing company | online marketing : Go Digital.

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  1. Before building a Digital Marketing strategy But First… Research and plan!!

  2. Why digital marketing? Growing digitization of businesses making traditional marketing outdated. How can billboards convince users to buy online!! When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Competing with brands digitally – strategize to do marketing digitally!!

  3. Key Challenges with marketing approach

  4. What to consider?

  5. Analyze data and set goals Having accurate data about your business performance in various sub sectors would result in easier planning. Accurate data would help you analyze the areas to concentrate more on and plan accordingly.

  6. Keyword Strategy Keywords strategy in digital marketing is dynamic – changing all the time Wrong Approach Right Approach

  7. Mobile optimization Mobile Strategy A Necessity - Not an Option

  8. Ever growing content • High Quality content has to be created to spread the word about any brand. • Content has to be constantly created and shared more than competitors. • Its not about creating more content but its about distributing content efficiently.

  9. SEO and SMO • Survival without SEO and SMO is impossible for any website. • Organic seo and paid search optimization should be a part of strategy • Sharing content on social media helps with reaching more audience and improving brand visibility • Research and plan – backbone of SEO and SMO strategy.

  10. Customer Experience • Your content can bring in visitors on your web platform but only one thing ensures that they stay on it and turn into leads Customer Experience • Executing a good customer experience technique is a must step for every brand to follow on their digital journey.

  11. Hire Professionals It is not as simple as it sounds. • There is a lot to do to ensure a successful digital marketing campaign – web design and development, graphic designing, creating content, making videos and infographics. • Have a professional digital marketing company take care of all of it for you. • Make sure the company you hire for your digital marketing campaign should offer you assured results.

  12. To Conclude A good strategy can bring in great results. Digital marketing is not about a single strategy executed It is many things done together, most of which were discussed here.

  13. Thank You!!