the schedule a hiring authority for individuals with disabilities n.
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The Schedule A Hiring Authority for Individuals With Disabilities PowerPoint Presentation
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The Schedule A Hiring Authority for Individuals With Disabilities

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The Schedule A Hiring Authority for Individuals With Disabilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Schedule A Hiring Authority for Individuals With Disabilities. Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). What is Colorado DVR?. A Colorado State Agency Assist individuals with disabilities to: Prepare for employment Obtain employment Perform job tasks Maintain employment.

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the schedule a hiring authority for individuals with disabilities

The Schedule A Hiring Authorityfor Individuals With Disabilities

Colorado Division of

Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

what is colorado dvr
What is Colorado DVR?
  • A Colorado State Agency
  • Assist individuals with disabilities to:
    • Prepare for employment
    • Obtain employment
    • Perform job tasks
    • Maintain employment

what is our process
What is Our Process?
  • Individuals must apply for services and meet eligibility criteria in order to receive support
  • A Rehabilitation Counselor works with each individual to determine suitable employment goals and necessary services

why hire people with disabilities
Why Hire People With Disabilities?
  • Qualified candidates
  • Reliability
  • Loyalty
  • Creativity

what can dvr do for federal employers
What Can DVR do for Federal Employers?
  • Partner with you to
    • Recruit qualified candidates
    • Facilitate accommodations for success
    • Promote a positive and barrier-free workplace
    • Support your current employees who may have disabilities

how can dvr help with recruitment
How Can DVR Help With Recruitment?
  • Provide access to qualified individuals
    • Prescreened applicants
    • Knowledge of applicant skills/abilities
    • Knowledge of employer needs

A diverse workforce is a strong workforce!

how can dvr help with reasonable accommodations
How Can DVR Help with Reasonable Accommodations?
  • Provide information & guidance
  • Evaluate work environment
  • Suggest modifications
  • Training on use of accommodations

how can dvr promote a positive and barrier free workplace
How Can DVR Promote a Positive and Barrier-Free Workplace?
  • Create awareness
  • Offer customized trainings & workshops
    • Environmental, programmatic & attitudinal barriers
    • Specific disabilities & disability etiquette
    • Reasonable Accommodations
    • Schedule A Training for federal staff

how can dvr support your current employees
How Can DVR Support Your Current Employees?
  • Retention Services
    • Job Assessments
    • Disability Resources


Executive Order:Increasing Federal Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

White House Press Release

July 26, 2010

executive order schedule a
Executive Order & Schedule A

“In implementing their plans, agencies, to the extent permitted by law, shall increase utilization of the Federal Government's Schedule A excepted service hiring authority for persons with disabilities …”

more on the executive order
More on the Executive Order
  • OPM has developed model strategies for recruiting and hiring people with disabilities (PWD)
  • Individual agencies developed recruitment and hiring plans for PWD – submitted to OPM by April 11, 2011
  • OPM must report agencies’ progress in hiring PWD to the President and the public
  • Agencies must implement strategies for retention of current federal employees with disabilities and those injured on the job (i.e. – reasonable accommodations and return-to-work planning)

what is schedule a
What is Schedule A?
  • Appointing Authority is 5 CFR 213.3102(u)
  • An excepted service hiring authority which may be used to hire individuals with disabilities
  • Non-competitive appointment to Temporary, Time-limited or Permanent positions
  • No vacancy announcement required
  • Traditional hiring procedures can be by-passed
  • Employee may be converted to competitive service

after 2-years of satisfactory performance

benefits to federal managers
Benefits to Federal Managers

Save time and resources

Use a simplified hiring process

No public posting is required

Fill vacancies efficiently with qualified candidates

Increase workforce diversity

Meet three Executive Orders with one hire

Increase hiring of people with disabilities (PWD)

Increase hiring of veterans with disabilities

Shorten hiring timelines

eligibility requirements
Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must have:

1. An intellectual disability, or

2. A severe physical disability, or

3. A psychiatric disability

required documentation usually included in one letter
Required Documentation(usually included in one letter)

1. Proof of Disability

2. Certification of Job Readiness

(Candidates must meet minimum qualifications)

1 proof of disability
1. Proof of Disability

The rules do not specifically exclude any type of disability

Documentation need only certify that the applicant has a disability which is long-term and/or permanent in nature

Individuals with targeted and reportable disabilities are eligible

who may provide proof of disability
Who May Provide Proof of Disability?
  • A licensed medical professional (i.e. physician or other medical professional duly certified by a state, District of Columbia, or U.S. territory to practice medicine)

2. Licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist

(federal, state or private)

3. Any federal agency, state agency, or agency of District of Columbia or a U.S. territory that issues or provides disability benefits

2 certification of job readiness
2. Certification of Job Readiness
  • A determination that an applicant is likely to succeed in the performance of the job he/she has applied for
  • If unable to obtain, then the agency can appoint the individual to a temporary assignment in lieu of this certification

who may provide certification of job readiness
Who May Provide Certification of Job Readiness?
  • The same entities as Proof of Disability

what does job readiness mean from eeoc s abc s of schedule a
What Does Job Readiness Mean? (From EEOC’s ABC’s of Schedule A)
  • There are many interpretations, both by federal agencies & VR professionals
  • Resume and reference reviews should be thorough to accurately assess job readiness

“Ultimately, there are not hard & fast rules when it comes to job readiness … Hiring agencies are free to decide for themselves who is a good fit for their open positions.”



DATE: June 4, 2014

FROM: John Elway, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

TO: USDA Forest Service

This letter serves as certification that Josh McDaniels is an individual with a severe physical, intellectual, or psychological disability that qualifies him for consideration under 5 CFR 213.3102 (u), Schedule A hiring authority, appointment for Persons with Disabilities.

Josh McDaniels is also job ready and is likely to succeed in performing the duties of the Quarterbacks Coach position.

I may be contacted at:

John Elway John Elway

(Counselor’s Name) (Counselor’s Signature)


(Phone Number) (Email Address)

the schedule a process
The Schedule A Process

step 1 hiring manager meets with hr
Step 1: Hiring Manager Meets with HR
  • Hiring Manager asks HR Specialist to help fill a position noncompetitively using Schedule A
    • Consult agency’s Selective Placement Coordinator (SPC) or Disability Program Manager (DPM) for assistance, if necessary

(Note: SPC’s or DPM’s may be housed in HR, EEO or OCR)

step 2 hr specialist develops simple vacancy announcement
Step 2: HR Specialist Develops Simple Vacancy Announcement

Announcement should include:

  • Job information (work schedule, pay, location, etc.)
  • Essential job functions
  • Basic qualifications
  • How to apply
  • HR Specialist’s contact information
  • Reasonable accommodation statement with agency’s point of contact for accommodations

step 3 recruitment
Step 3: Recruitment
  • HR Specialist forwards announcement to agency’s SPC or DPM and asks them to help market the opportunity
  • HR Specialist forwards announcement to their local contacts to find qualified candidates
    • Colorado DVR (
    • CSAVR National Employment Team (The NET)
    • VA’s Voc Rehab & Employment (VR&E)
    • American Indian Rehabilitation (AIR)
    • Wounded Warriors Program
    • Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)

step 4 review selection
Step 4: Review & Selection
  • HR Specialist receives and reviews applications for basic qualifications
  • HR Specialist issues list of qualified candidates to hiring manager for consideration
  • Hiring Manager reviews resumes & references
  • Interviews may be conducted
  • Selection is made and HR extends offer on behalf of the agency

step 5 offer acceptance post hire
Step 5: Offer, Acceptance & Post-Hire
  • HR Specialist and SPC/DPM help to coordinate:
    • Start date: may be based on timeline in which the needed reasonable accommodations are in place
    • Accommodations needed for on-boarding and orientation
  • Post-Hire
    • Standard Form (SF) 256: Self Identification of Disability
      • Confidential, but mandatory for Schedule A hires
      • NOT issued prior to hire
      • Typically completed by employee during on-boarding

online resources
Online Resources

OPM - Online Schedule A training:

OPM - Individuals with Disabilities:

ABC’s of Schedule A:

Executive Order 13548:

Reasonable Accommodations:




for more information or additional training

For More Information or Additional Training

Contact Nate Slattengren

Federal Business Outreach Specialist