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HERITAGE INTERPRETATION Communicating local stories Local interpretation. Local interpretive planning and projects help to ~ Deliver local strategies for ~ Tourism Cultural development Community regeneration Build community capacity Using local skills

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Communicating local stories

Local interpretation


Local interpretive planning and projects help to ~

Deliver local strategies for ~


Cultural development

Community regeneration

Build community capacity

Using local skills

Developing new skills

Increasing confidence

Creating pride ofplace


There us a long term contribution to sustainability through ~

Bridging cultural differences


Highlighting local values


Setting a framework for the future



At its core, sustainability is about us – humans that interact with and influence our broader environments.

So, when people ask us, ‘what’s culture got to do with sustainability?’, we answer, ‘How can culture be separated from sustainability?

University of New Hampshire, Office of Sustainability



Distinctiveness is about particularity, it is rehearsed in the buildings and land shapes, the brooks and birds, trees and cheeses, places of worship and pieces of literature. It is about continuing history and nature jostling with each other, layers and fragments – old and new.



Factories Fair & Fairgrounds Family names

Farms & farmsteads Fell ponies Fell running

Fells Fences Fens

Fen skating Feral animals Ferns

Ferries Field barns Field maples

Field names Field patterns Fields

Film locations Fingerposts Fish & chips

Flags Flashes Flatners

Floods Fog & mist Folktales

Follies Food Football

Footbridges Footpaths Fords

Forges Fortifications Freshwater fish

Frets Fritillary meadows Frost & frost hollows

Funicular railways Furry dance



Our name, Creu-ad is pronounced 'cray-ad'. It is based on 'creu', the Welsh word for 'create'. Our logo, a heron, is known in Welsh as 'crëyr.'


What we do

Find innovative and creative ways to express local identity and a sense of place

Write interpretation plans and find solutions to interpreting natural and cultural heritage and regeneration projects.

Facilitate community story gathering workshops, interpretive art projects and training.

Specialise in using the arts as tools for interpretation 

Work bilingually in English and Welsh.


Some Creu-ad projects

Sennybridge Past & Present

The Ash Path

Mining for History in Cwm Rheidol


Sennybridge Past and Present

The Brecon Beacons National Park Authority and other partners asked Creu-ad to help the community in Sennybridge to look at the changes that have been taking place in lifestyles and local industries.

The project required interpretive media that could be displayed in the village hall.

The results were a series of framed felt backed collages made by people aged between 9 and 90. They were unveiled at a packed community event.


The Ash Path

Senior members of the Cwmcarn community helped us with their stories of life when there was still a coalmine above the village.

They were mostly childhood memories of games they played and ways in which they earned some pocket money.

This included gathering and selling blackberries & wimberries.

The Ash Path itself is a well-used track that miners once walked to work. It now has benches and artworks that interpret the stories.


Mining for History in Cwm Rheidol

Creu-ad & Blaengar

This event was linked to Plwm or Lead, a Ceredigion project to develop awareness of the lead mining heritage in this area.

The purpose of the day was to gather memories, stories, photographs and other material that could be included in future interpretation projects.

It was important to engage with members of the community and to find out what THEY want to do with this heritage.

Techniques used were scanning material, sound recording, story telling, talks, displays, memory mapping and lots of talking.