Lille metropolis area cohesion
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Young Planners Working Group Planning and territorial cohesion. Lille metropolis area cohesion. Third phase of Workshop: SWOT analysis. French team june 2012. SWOT analysis. Analysis of each item Governance Mobility Housing ( coming soon : economic !).

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Lille metropolis area cohesion

Young Planners Working Group

Planning and territorial cohesion

Lille metropolis area cohesion

Third phase of Workshop: SWOT analysis


june 2012

Swot analysis
SWOT analysis

  • Analysis of each item

    • Governance

    • Mobility

    • Housing

    • (comingsoon : economic !)

Local governance between the administrative division and the metropolitan polarization
Local Governance: between the administrative division and the metropolitanpolarization

Reminder: in France, intercommunal cooperation structures have not local government, they are cooperation structures

  • The MLA is not an administrative or planning entity

  • An association providing good practices, a study area to support the metropolitan dynamism

  • The democratic process tend to justify the classic administrative entities

  • No policy maker is elected to conduct Lille Metropolis or MLA, the citizens may find the policies a bit technocratic or incomprehensible.

  • Administration and planning, two warring brothers ?

  • A legal process in favour metropolitan planning but an administration that will not disappear

Planning as a key factor to enhance local dynamism
Planning as a key factor to enhance local dynamism

  • SCOT (coherent territorial plan): ties together the various public urban planning policies

    A kind of large scale masterplan providing objectives in attempt to guarantee territory cohesion through sectorial policies

  • The local urbanism plan (PLU) at a communal regulatory level

    Lille Metropolis’ PLU is made at an intercommunal level

  • Cooperation beyond boundaries

    • Planning and development agency of Lille Metropolis and Coalfield Mission conducting studies for AML

    • Commercial chambers concerting economic world

    • Stakeholders meeting in Grand Lille Committee

  • Toward planning supported by AML ?

  • Mobility and main infrastructures
    Mobility and main infrastructures


      • LMA is particularly well placed on the north-european high-speed train netwok

        • Eurallile district as a symbol of Lille as triangle center of Brussels/London/Paris

        • High-speed train-plane relationship via Paris or Brussels Airport improve area accessibility

          • Lille Airport isn’t efficient due to accessibility to this two airports and railway network

    • Regional railway network is quite efficient but a lake of links between LMA french and belgium regions

      • RET-GV : using high-speed trains to intern transportation is a cohesion factor…and also is too expensive

    Mobility and main infrastructures1
    Mobility and main infrastructures


    • LMA is a hub for freight :

      • Easy acces to northern range of sea ports

        • (like Antwerp, Rotterdam,..)

      • Array of waterway, road and rail services

        • Delta 3 Dourges hub

        • North seine europe canal in 2017


    • Interface of motorways

    • Traffic congestion around Lille due to :

      • Many people and goods

      • Urban developments where car is needed each day


    • Need to develop offer(bus and tram-train routes)

    • Try to facilitate mobility :

      • New hubs

      • Combined prices

  • Housing

    • Inside a territory of cohesion, the residentialmobility must be possible sothat a feeling of commonidentityexists and sothat do not developsectorshollow of a territorial cohesion on a widerterritory.

    • Weshall observe the sectorswhere the housing stock presentsspecificities susceptible to reveal a defect of territorial cohesion.


      • The constitution of the housing stock:

        • smallhousing in city center and bighousing in periphery. This factdetermines on the French part more than on the Belgian part the choices of residentiallocalization of the residents, according to theirage.

        • On this point, an interview with a propertydevelopercould let us understand the logics of construction whichtakes to thisspecialization.

    • The state of the housing stock:

      • wecan observe a deterioration of housing on someoldworkerresidential areas. In the centers-city of the UrbanCommunity of Lille, bighousingexist, but because of their state they are unhabited.

      • An interview with an association whichworks in urbanregenerationthenwith the UrbanCommunity of Lille couldallow us to know the means and the actorsimplied in the answer to thisphenomenon.



      • The price of housing:

        • according to places, the prices of housings are verydiversified.

        • An interview with a social sociallessorcouldallow us to understand the possibilities of rebalancing of the offer of housing.

    • The localization of housing and the access to the services and to the jobs:

      • big infrastructures of transport keepsomeresidential areas at a distance. Thesesame infrastructures connectresidential areas in pole of jobs.

      • An analysis of the territorywill have to allow us to understandthis point.

  • The disparities of territoriesseemless important on the Belgian part. Theyseemparticularly important inside of the territory of the UrbanCommunity of Lille. It isalso the mosturbanterritory of the metropolitan Area of Lille.