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Deserts. What Defines a Desert Biome?. A desert is a l andscape or region that receives very little rain . Deserts can be defined as areas that receive an average annual precipitation (Rain) of less than 10 in or as areas in which more water is lost than falls as rain. .

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What defines a desert biome
What Defines a Desert Biome?

  • A desert is a landscape or region that receives very littlerain. Deserts can be defined as areas that receive an average annual precipitation (Rain) of less than10 in or as areas in which more water is lost than falls as rain.

2 types of deserts
2 Types of Deserts

  • HOT


  • COLD

Hot deserts of north america
Hot Deserts of North America

  • North American deserts : Chihuahuan, Sonoran, Mojave and Great Basin

  • The seasons are generally warm throughout the year and very hot in the summer. The winters usually bring little rainfall.

Sonoran desert arizona northern mexico
Sonoran Desert (Arizona, Northern Mexico)

Mojave desert nevada california arizona
Mojave Desert (Nevada, California, Arizona)

Chihuahuan desert southern new mexico northern mexico
Chihuahuan Desert (Southern New Mexico, Northern Mexico)

Great basin desert utah colorado nevada california
Great Basin Desert: Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California

Plants of north american hot deserts
Plants of North American Hot Deserts

  • Yucca

  • Ocotillo

  • Saguaro

  • Palo Verde Tree

  • Mesquite Trees

  • Prickly Pears

  • Agaves

  • Brittle Brush



Arabian arabian peninsula
ArabianArabian Peninsula

  • Covered almost entirely by sand; has some of the most extensive stretches of sand dunes in the world.

  • Plant Life: acacia, oleander, saltbush 

  • Animal Life: desert locust, dromedary camel, gazelle, lizard, jackal, Oryx 

Kalahari southwestern africa
KalahariSouthwestern Africa

  • Covered by sand dunes and gravel plains

  • Plant life: acacia, aloe 

  • Animals: gazelle, gerbil, ground squirrel, hyena, jackal, sand grouse, springbok

Atacama coasts of peru and chile
AtacamaCoasts of Peru and Chile

  • Covered by sand dunes and pebbles. One of the driest areas on earth.

  • Plant Life: bunchgrass, cardon cactus, tamaruga trees

  • Animal Life: lizards, llama, Peruvian fox, nesting area for many seabirds

Gobi northern china and southern mongolia
GobiNorthern China and Southern Mongolia

  • Covered by sandy soil and areas of small stones called "Gobi."

  • Plant Life: camel's thorn, grasses

  • Animal Life: Bactrian camel, gazelle, gerbil, jerboa, lizards,, wolf

Great basin western united states idaho nevada oregon and utah
Great BasinWestern United States (Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah)

  • Covered by sand, gravel, and clay. Many mountains ranges, basins, and large expanses of salt flats.

  • Plant Life: greasewood, sagebrush, shad scale

  • Animal Life: bighorn sheep, jackrabbit, pocket mouse, poor-will, pronghorn antelope, sage thrasher, side-blotched lizard