The indus river and ganges river valleys
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The Indus River and Ganges River Valleys. Chapter IV Section I. Essential Question. What is the geography of the Indus Valley and why did civilization flourish there??. Vocabulary. Subcontinent Monsoon Citadel Migrate Caste. India’s Geographic Setting.

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Essential question
Essential Question

  • What is the geography of the Indus Valley and why did civilization flourish there??


  • Subcontinent

  • Monsoon

  • Citadel

  • Migrate

  • Caste

India s geographic setting
India’s Geographic Setting

  • Subcontinent- A large landmass that juts out from a continent

  • Stretching south from the Himalayas, the kite-shaped land of India juts out from Asia into the Indian Ocean.

  • Historians refer to the entire subcontinent as India, although today it is divided into several different countries, including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

A climate of monsoons
A Climate Of Monsoons

  • Monsoon- A strong wind that blows across the region at certain times of the year

  • From October to May, the winter monsoon blows from the northeast, spreading dry air across the country

  • It carries rain that drenches the plains and river valleys daily.

Barriers and pathways
Barriers And Pathways

  • The Hindu Kush mountain range have served as highways for migration and invasion.

  • The Indus River crosses the Himalayas and empties into the Arabian Sea.

  • The Ganges River flows from the Himalayas into the bay of Bengal.

Life in the indus river valley
Life In The Indus River Valley

  • From around 2500 B.C.E. to about 1500 B.C.E., well planned cities flourished the valley.

  • Two such cities were Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.

  • Both located in present-day Pakistan.

A mysterious decline
A Mysterious Decline

  • Citadel- A fortress

  • Around 2000 B.C.E., Indus valley farmers began to abandon their land

  • Between 2000 B.C.E. and 1500 B.C.E., newcomers from the north entered the valley

The social order
The Social Order

  • By 500 B.C.E., there was a strict division of classes

  • Europeans later called it the Caste System.

  • Caste- A social class