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A Job Worth Doing PowerPoint Presentation
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A Job Worth Doing

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A Job Worth Doing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Job Worth Doing
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  1. A Job Worth Doing

  2. What is she ? What do you think of this job? exciting stressful well paid badly paid interesting boring satisfying intellectual manual dangerous teacher

  3. What is she ? What do you think of this job? holy stressful well paid boring satisfying intellectual doctor

  4. pilot exciting stressful well paid dangerous interesting boring cool What are they? Can you use an adjective to describe this job?

  5. barber exciting stressful well paid badly paid dangerous interesting boring

  6. cook exciting stressful well paid badly paid intellectual manual interesting boring

  7. exciting stressful well paid manual interesting boring cool actress actor

  8. exciting stressful well paid badly paid dangerous boring satisfying intellectual policewoman policeman

  9. Do you know other jobs?

  10. accountant

  11. biochemist

  12. businessman businesswoman

  13. miner electrician

  14. secretary Secretary General of the United Nations

  15. volunteer

  16. accountant biochemist businessman businesswoman miner electrician secretary volunteer cook barber policeman 秘书 会计 生物化学家 志愿者 商人(男) 厨师 商人(女) 理发师 矿工 警察 电工

  17. We ask this person to put electricity in homes. This person works underground. He or she prepares meals in a restaurant. This scientist studies the chemistry of living things. You go to this person to get your hair cut. electrician miner cook biochemist barber

  18. 6. This person works in an office. 7. This person knows a lot about money. 8.He or she works in business. 9. This person must do many things, including directing the traffic. 10. This person has offered to do a job and may not be paid for doing it. secretary accountant businessman / businesswoman policeman volunteer

  19. Reading

  20. 商人(男) 会计 经理 生物化学家 警察(女) 电工 矿工 科学家 飞行员 秘书 志愿者 厨师 理发师 记者 工程师 邮递员 运动员 businessman accountant manager biochemist policewoman electrician miner scientist secretary pilot volunteer cook barber journalist engineer postman athlete

  21. 1. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to Passage 1? A. La Paz, which is the capital of Bolivia, is the highest capital in Africa. B. It’s not easy for people to live at high altitude. C. The high mountains make communications difficult. D. The Roads are in bad condition and accidents are frequent in La Paz.

  22. 2. Which is TRUE about the particularly dangerous road according to passage1? A. There is one vehicle falling from the road every three weeks. B. Most of the drivers on the road respects the rules. C. The road going south from the capital is particularly dangerous. D. It runs north from the capital, La Paz.

  23. 3. Why has the death toll fallen according to passage 2? A. Timoteo works as a traffic signal to direct the traffic for free. B. More drivers start obeying the rules when seeing Timoteo working as a traffic signal. C. They have made some changes to the bend to make it less dangerous. D. Timoteo’s effort finally affected the drivers on the road.

  24. 4. We can infer from the last passage that____. A. Timoteo has formed the habit of changing jobs frequently. B. Timoteo once narrowly escaped from dying when driving a lorry loaded with bananas. C. Timoteo dislikes being asked to pull people out of the bus in deep night. D. He was encouraged by the drivers and as a result he started to take up the mission.

  25. So Much For Today!