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Scanner thoughts and designs

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Scanner thoughts and designs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scanner thoughts and designs. NN Group Dmitriy Beznosko | Stony Brook. Electronics for The source scan. Have >256 channels per P0D (total of 264), Limited cable lengths, need to place the boards on some support surface near the scanner

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scanner thoughts and designs

Scanner thoughts and designs

NN Group

Dmitriy Beznosko| Stony Brook

electronics for the source scan
Electronics for The source scan
  • Have >256 channels per P0D (total of 264),
  • Limited cable lengths, need to place the boards on some support surface near the scanner
  • Will need for electronics part: 5 trip-t (TFB) boards (& 30% spare so+1 at least)
    • Total – 6 boards
    • Sufficient RMM boards for 5 TFBs +1 spare
    • Also MPPC connection cables with connectors matching trip-t board
    • The readout software package with instructions on setup and use
      • P.S. one TFB with one RMM will be appreciated as soon as one is available, with software, so that testing and daq assembly can be started, the rest as they get produced (in March?)

Micro-coax connectors

Quite delicate

considerations requirements
Considerations & Requirements
  • 64 sensors connect to each TFB, necessitates longer (~1m) cables
    • Only 30cm cable on each sensor available
  • Need to minimize number of reconnections to TFB itself, and comply with cable length – suggest daughter board in between TFB and sensors

Daughter board




Daughter board

Daughter board

electronics for the source scan daughter board
Electronics for The source scan – daughter board
  • To preserve the micro-coax connectors on the TFB, suggest to have intermediate daughter boards for frequent sensor connections
  • The size of these boards can be large for easy access to connectors
  • Adds additional cable length so can utilize all 64 TFB channels
  • Each TFB corner has 16 channels
      • 16 channels (16*3cm/2) is 24cm on the P0Dule
      • suggest each daughter board be comparable in size (~20cm)
  • Triple layer pcb board suggested (top and bottom layers as ground), or double layer
  • Conceptual design is shown for double layer board
daughter board conceptual design
Daughter board Conceptual design
  • The board is ~20cm long, allows for easy coax connect-disconnect.
  • The 34-pin connector goes to 16 coax cables in a ribbon, that connect to the Trip-T board. This 34pin with quick lock on it connector allows for many connect-disconnect cycles without damaging trip-t connectors. Two non connected pins are used for proper connector orientation.
  • Few spares of this daughter board will be required, to be replaced when mini-coax connectors on any one fail. Cheap(er) and easy solution.

Aligned spacing of mini-coax connectors for ease of access

RED - Mini-coax connectors

Green – etched out zone

Separate conductors for shielding of cable with HV and signal (shown for one line)

Top ground plane

34 pin connector for 16 signal + 16 ground

schematics of the final setup for scanner
Schematics of the final setup for scanner
  • Unclear moment:
  • Is micro-coax connectors readily available? What is the part #? Do we crimp it or cable can be ordered ready?
  • What is resistance of the cable from the MPPC? 50, 75? Do we need to match that exactly with the ribbon cable between daughter board and TFB?

30cm cables from MPPCs

Ribbon coax (16ch) to TFB (~70-90cm)

Daughter board


Scanning Table edge