Josef alois julius schumpeter
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Josef Alois Julius Schumpeter. Feb 8 1883 – Jan 8 1950. Outline. Life Innovation Enterprise Enterpreuner. Who Schumpeter was?. Born in Trešť – Austria-Hungary T he youngest doctor laureates T he youngest private docent T he youngest professor Economist M inister of Finance

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Josef alois julius schumpeter

Josef Alois Julius Schumpeter

Feb 8 1883 – Jan 8 1950


  • Life

  • Innovation

  • Enterprise

  • Enterpreuner

Who schumpeter was
Who Schumpeter was?

  • Born in Trešť – Austria-Hungary

  • The youngest doctor laureates

  • The youngest private docent

  • The youngest professor

  • Economist

  • Minister of Finance

  • Chairman of private bank

Conception of economy dynamics
Conception of economy dynamics

Economy dynamics reaction on statics

  • J. B. Clark vs. J. A. J. Schumpeter

  • statisticsis normal position in economy

  • Dynamics means disturbances, fluctuation and abnormalities from static state.

  • Dynamics – continuous shaking with pot filled by liquid causes wave of surface which still keep on its static form

Conception of economy dynamics1
Conception of economy dynamics

J. A. J. Schumpeter

Dynamics is dirty statics with special problems.

No interest about processes which lead to quantitative growing like qualitative changes in economy innovation.


  • define economy expansion

  • Expansion: NO more product A and less product B, BUT suddenly appeared product C.

  • Changes are sudden, disconnected and unpredictable

  • Implementing new products, changes in organisation of economy system,…


  • conservative and constant style of economic life

  • stem from site of produce

  • initiator of economy changes is producer

  • progress is implementation of new combination

  • Products are produced, disappear, but same products are still produced with same technological procedures in same economic conditions cyclic repetition circular

Implementation of new combination
implementation of new combination

Schumpeter mentioned 5 cases:

  • Implementation of production with new type of goods or quality change of present type

  • Implementation of new product method which leans on scientific revelation

  • Opening new market

  • Using new raw material sources or unfinished goods

  • New organisation of production


  • bearer of innovation is Enterpreuner

  • director, leadership, manager X person who promotes innovation

  • persuance changes, enforcement of innovation in economy life

  • social function


  • Special type – type of behaviour, dealing

  • Progress requires overcoming of conservatism, hunger after change, to do something in totally another way

  • Specific charakteristics:

    - break down opposition of surroundings and own prejudice,

    - not affraid risk,

    - work with unknown value

  • Internal X external obstacles


  • Break old tradition, ambition to fight, prove success and majority

  • Profit - non hedonistic form

  • Earnings victory, lead