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Unit 1 Disneyland Lesson 3 Disneyland Li Jianning

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Unit 1 Disneyland Lesson 3 Disneyland Li Jianning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 1 Disneyland Lesson 3 Disneyland Li Jianning. Walt Disney’s life. Walt Disney, a great film-maker, was born in Chicago in 1901. His greatest wish was to be a famous artist. At first he worked in a newspaper office in Kansaa City, and

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walt disney s life
Walt Disney’s life

Walt Disney, a great film-maker, was born in Chicago

in 1901. His greatest wish was to be a famous artist. At

first he worked in a newspaper office in Kansaa City, and

then got work as an artist. His first cartoon character is

MickeyMouse and was well received by people,

especially by children. He soon drew other cartoon

characters like Donald Duck and during the 1920s and

the 1930s he made scores of cartoons about them. He

died in 1966. But the studios which he started are still

busy today, producing more and more interesting films.

say true or false
( )1. The company of Walt Disney only makes films.

( )2. The workers of all the Disney parks are always friendly.

( )3. You can find all the characters from Disney’s films in Disneyland.

( )4. Many of the students in Disneyland are built like streets in the USA in the 18th century.


Say “True”or “False”:




note making
1953: the first Disney Park was opened in Los Angeles.







The Sleeping Beauty Castle:


The Tomorrow Land Building:___________________

Euro-Disney was opened

Note making:

Disney World was opened in Florida

Tokyo Disney was opened

Wear clean shoes and trousers and allowed

To have beards; tie back the long hair;

always smile and be friendly

A favourite place for visitors

Go inside the space

  • makes films
  • on the west coast of the USA
  • be operated by the same company
  • strict orders
  • be friendly and polite to visitors
  • a favourite place for visitors
  • in the 1890s
  • be worked by the computer
  • get what you need
language points
Language Points:

1. The parks are the cleanest parks that you can imagine.

that you can imagine是定语从句,修饰先行词parks

e.g.This is the best film (that) I have ever seen.

He is the longest fellow (that) I ever know.

Uncle Wang is one of the richest men

that live in our town.

language points1
Language Points:

2. You can see as far as the coast.

as far as: 远到, 到……为止;据……, 就……

e.g.He usual to take a walk after supper, often as far as two or three miles.

He walked as far as the village where I lived.

As far as I know, he is still

working there.

language points2
Language Points:

3. … wearing nineteenth century clothes.


e.g.She lay on the grass looking at the stars.

He rushed to his seat, forgetting to show his ticket.

language points3
4. …then it is brought on along a very small railway line to your seat…

bring on: 1) cause sb. or sth. to appear

2)cause sth. such as illness

e.g. The first dish that was brought on was potato crisps.

The sudden cold weather brought

on his fever again.

Language Points:

Finish off the exercises.

Thank you very much!