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gregg warburton of canton ma contributed n.
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Gregg Warburton Canton MA PowerPoint Presentation
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Gregg Warburton Canton MA

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Gregg Warburton Canton MA
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Gregg Warburton Canton MA

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  1. Gregg Warburton Of Canton, MA, Contributed To The Success Of Verizon For Over 25 Years

  2. Gregg Warburton, a resident of Canton, MA, studied at Stonehill College (North Easton, Massachusetts) from where received his Bachelor’s Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies. He majored in Economics from this prestigious educational institution, after which he took some additional training in ALPHA IV, Hill Associates, and also joined numerous data communication courses. In 1987, Gregg joined Verizon/Bell Atlantic/ NYNEX (Boston, Massachusetts) as an Estimate Assignment Supervisor in the Business Customer Service Center. While there, he was responsible for supervising 10 reporting technicians, developing quality control systems that lead to increased productivity, and providing customers with disaster avoidance and recovery planning.

  3. Soon, he became the Budget Manager of the NYNEX Southeast Division where he oversaw 80 million dollar capital budget, and 20 million dollar expense budget. Being a Budget Manager, he was responsible for handling the accounts related to construction, clerical, engineering, and contractors as well as developing strategic plans to ensure that the budget was met on a monthly basis using technologies provided by NYNEX. While serving Verizon as a Budget Manager, he achieved a balanced budget for the 1994 and 1995 fiscal years, and also increased the productivity by 20%.

  4. Later in 1995, Gregg Warburton of Canton, MA, was promoted to the position of a Project Manager (Central Artery, Third Harbor Tunnel - Boston Market). During his tenure-ship as Project Manager, he served only the strategic manager, and was responsible for the transfer of 2.5 million lines from copper facilities to fiber fed facilities. He ensured coordination between the individuals on the internal and external project teams so that the project strategy was executed properly. Gregg also oversaw all aspects of project planning and implementation. He has been exceptionally good at structuring projects, performing detailed planning in accordance with the clients’ needs, managing the execution of the projects as per the determined parameters, and ensuring completion of projects in a timely manner. He utilized his financial expertise for conducting complex business analyses, developing charts/graphs to track data flow, and preparing & maintaining financial documentation.

  5. From 1997 to 2009, Gregg Warburton of Canton, MA, served Verizon as an Outside Plant Engineer in the South Division, Boston Market. While working at this position, he was honored with the prestigious “Spirit of Service Award” for his exceptional contributions to the organization. By utilizing his refined technical expertise, he also designed and built an innovative next generation, high capacity circuitry, and also the first office application.