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Club Drugs

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Club Drugs. Cocaine Methamphetamines Ecstasy LSD Ketamine GHB Marijuana*. Club Drugs Risks in General. Overdosing, becoming addicted, legal issues, permanent health issues The Power of Choice Consider the situations Club Drugs are used in. Cocaine. Comes from the coca plant

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club drugs
Club Drugs
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines
  • Ecstasy
  • LSD
  • Ketamine
  • GHB
  • Marijuana*
club drugs risks in general
Club Drugs Risks in General
    • Overdosing, becoming addicted, legal issues, permanent health issues
  • The Power of Choice
  • Consider the situations Club Drugs are used in
  • Comes from the coca plant
    • Found in the mountains of Peru and Columbia
  • Street Names
    • Coke, Snow, Nose Candy, Dust, White Lady, Toot, Llello
  • Mechanism of Action
    • Inhibits Synaptic Reuptake of Dopamine and Norepinephrine
  • Side Effects
    • Pupil dilation, increased heart rate, increased respiratory rate, increased sweating, fever, highly addictive
  • Overdose Signs
    • Agitation, hostility, hallucinations, convulsions, hyperthermia, stroke, heart attack
  • Street names: meth, crystal meth, speed, ice, crank, tweek, glass, uppers, tweeking
  • What is Meth
    • Stimulant made from common house hold chemicals
    • Usually smoked
    • Becoming an epidemic in certain states.
      • Regulations on cold medication purchases
  • Side effects
    • Paranoia, auditory and visual hallucinations, self-absorption, irritability, aggressive and erratic behavior
      • Picking at the skin
  • Overdose effects
    • Hyperthermia, heart attack, psychosis
ecstasy mdma
  • What is ecstasy?
    • The actual chemical in ecstasy is MDMA. MDMA is a synthetic chemical that was originally produced in 1912 by Merck in the hope that it could treat psychiatric disorders.
  • Purity Issues
    • In general the demand for MDMA exceeds the supply, this allows unscrupulous individuals to pass off virtually anything as “ecstasy”
    • Because of this, unless you’re a chemist, you’ll never know what is in any particular batch of ecstasy
  • Street names
    • MDMA, ecstasy, X, XTC, E, M, adam, bean
  • Side Effects
    • Overheating, vomiting, jaw-clenching, eye-twitching, dizziness, blackouts,
  • Overdoses

-Coma, death, induction of clinical depression

ecstasy the crash
Ecstasy: “The Crash”
  • What is “The Crash”

-”The Crash” is a general term used to describe the effects of ecstasy in the days following use.

-Many users report depression, fatigue, malaise, and a desire to “end these feelings”

-Unfortunately, “The Crash” leads to desires to retake the drug, and some users have become addicted to heroin to lessen these effects.

  • Lysergic acid Diethylamide, accidentally synthesized in 1943 in Europe
  • Street names
    • Acid, cid, L, blotter, tabs, LAD, doses, trips, microdots
  • Side Effects
    • Dilated pupils, high temp, rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, sweating, tremors, sleeplessness, appetite loss, decreased mental capacity, persistent hallucinations
  • Long Term Side Effects
    • Long-term psychoses such as schizophrenia or other such types of problems, flashbacks, and clinical depression
  • Psychedelic Mushrooms
    • In midwest, most “schrooms” are normal edible mushrooms laced with LSD
lsd bad trips
LSD: “Bad Trips”
  • Clips from an LSD user’s experience, he titled it: “Why I'm Never Touching LSD again”
    • I have had near death experiences before and this was exactly the same as the others. I existed in everything simultaneously yet I did not exist myself. I could only experience, I could not act.
    • I remember one thought going through my head continuously 'I am the biggest lunatic alive. People will charge admission to see me. My parents will feel I am a disgrace and disown me. All because I know the meaning of it all but cannot explain it.'
    • ‘My brain was in a hell, and I couldn’t get out. All I could think about was this experience ending, and that if it didn’t, I’d rather be dead.
  • For example, people under the influence of LSD jumping to their deaths off high buildings thinking they could fly.
What is Ketamine

Animal tranquilizer

Dissociative anesthetic sometimes used in humans

Street Names

Special K, Lady K, K, Vitamin K


Tachycardia, dry mouth, nervousness, depressed


Both physically and psychologically addicting

Nausea & vomiting after use.

Long term use

Permanent brain damage

Vision problems

Paranoia, hallucinations

ghb date rape drug
GHB(Date Rape Drug)
  • What is GHB?
    • GHB is a chemical used by athletes to supplement steroid use, to sedate the user similarly to a heavy dose of alcohol, and, more notoriously, to “date rape” unsuspecting individuals
  • Side Effects
    • Since it is tasteless in liquid, it is nearly impossible to be sure of the dose taken or given, thus lending the drug to overdoses
    • Dizziness, difficulty focusing the eyes, mood changes, hyper activity, loss of motor control, loss of inhibitions, slurring of speech, nausea, and grogginess.
ghb date rape drug1
GHB(Date Rape Drug)
  • Overdosing
    • The primary problem: the difference between a safe dose and a lethal dose is very small. Users, knowingly or unknowingly often do not know the dose they are taking, or even what a lethal dose would be for themselves
  • Overdose effects
    • Users may experience coma, convulsions, vomiting, and depressed breathing all leading to death.
  • What Is Marijuana
    • Leafy plant that grows in the tropics and temperate climates
    • Main method of ingestion is through smoking
      • Active ingredient is δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol
    • Side Affects
      • Paranoia, dry mouth, respiratory problems, nervousness, racing heart (tachycardia), increaser blood pressure (hypertension), tiredness, impaired memory, confusion
      • Has been linked to neuroses and psychoses, severe memory storage problems
      • Long term use: Increased lung infections, decreased lung capacity, lung cancer, emphysema,
    • Street Names
      • Mary Jane, weed, hash, grass, reefer, pot, dope
    • 54 y/o, History of Cardiovascular Disease
    • 14 y/o, History of Asthma
commonly abused drugs
Commonly Abused Drugs
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